SA Related Student Groups

Social Accountability related Student Groups

Aboriginal, Rural and Remote Health Group (ARRHG)

The Aboriginal, Rural and Remote Health Group (ARRHG) is an interdisciplinary interest group for all health science faculties. We seek to promote a community of opportunity and awareness surrounding the issues in Aboriginal, rural and remote communities as well as to network various members with interest in these topics.

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Family Medicine Club (FMC)

The FMC aims to enhance exposure of the student body to family medicine as a career choice and to educate students about the endless op ons in family medicine (e.e. locum opportunies, +1 programs, rural vs urban practice, etc).

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Gender Engagement in Medicine (GEM)

This group is committed to providing the medical student body with an intersectional perspective to human health, which will promote an understanding of the ways that gender and sexuality can contribute to health inequities, and will facilitate establishing future practices that are safe for, and inclusive of, all patients.

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Immigrant and Refugee Health Interest group (IRH)

The IRH aims to recognize and acknowledge barriers to healthcare access that immigrants and refugees face in Canada and to realize the impact future physicians may have to overcome these challenges to promote health equity.

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Health Everywhere

A multidisciplinary group of university students and professionals dedicated to raising awareness of global health issues and improving local and global access to health care. Through clinical, research, and educational programs, they seek to create opportunities for students and health professionals to learn about the social, political, and economic issues affecting the health of populations so that we may better serve the global community.

Current contact for Health Everywhere and member responsible for communication with VP External is Bev Wudel: