Highlights and Impact Reports

DSA Strategic Plan

The College of Medicine Social Accountability Strategic Plan was developed through consultation with faculty, students, and staff and guides the work of the Division of Social Accountability, the Social Accountability Committee and the CoM in its social accountability mandate. The plan is a living document and has grown and changed as appropriate strategies are identified and progress is made.

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CoM Social Accountability Impact Report 2017
The inaugural CoM Social Accountability Impact Report, presented by the Division of Social Accountability, outlines recent social accountability activities of the college in the four areas of CARE – clinical activity, advocacy, research, and education and training. Beyond the college’s commitment and structural supports for social accountability, the efforts of numerous units, divisions, partners, and individuals have helped address the unique needs of marginalized and underserved communities both locally and globally. Countless examples are provided within the report, alongside key outcomes and impacts of our efforts.

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