PRISM offers graduate scholarships for collaborative projects involving two PRISM members laboratories.

The new application deadline is June 30.

PRISM Laboratories

If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies in the laboratory of a PRISM member, please see who is accepting students and their area of research below.

We are looking for graduate students interested in structural biology of protein-protein interactions and protein complexes and their role in cellular functions. Research in the lab is progressing in several areas. Please refer to the research page for a brief description of the projects.


Contact us for more information:

Dr. Mirek Cygler
Professor, Department of Biochemistry, University of Saskatchewan and
Adjunct Professor, Department of Biochemistry, McGill University,  
107 Wiggins Road
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 5E5

E-mail : 
Phone : (306) 996-4361

Description: Department of Plant Sciences seeks highly motivated applicants for Ph.D. research assistantship in the area of plant molecular biology and genomics of cereal crops. The successful applicant(s) will conduct basic research in the area of low temperature tolerance in wheat and rye. 

  1. One of the projects focuses on genetic mapping to identify genomic regions associated with developmental traits related to low temperature tolerance in winter wheat.
  2. Another project focuses on the isolation and cloning of selected candidate genes, production of recombinant proteins which may include transcription factors.  The recombinant proteins will be used to study their structure, function and behavior under low temperature stress conditions.
    Specific areas of research include genetic mapping, marker development, comparative genomics, positional cloning, protein structure and functional analysis.  Some field / plot work may be required. The student is expected to make presentations at scientific conferences and is required to publish peer-reviewed journal papers from their thesis research.

Qualifications: The successful applicant must hold a Master’s degree in Plant Science, Genetics, Biochemistry or related field from an accredited institution, and be eligible for admission to the graduate program at the University of Saskatchewan. Preference will be given to applicants with interest and training/experience in plant molecular genetics, genomics, and proteomics.  The prospective candidates should have strong verbal and written communication skills. An excellent academic performance record, full time commitment to research and a strong work ethic is expected.

Compensation: The successful candidate will receive annual stipend of C$21,000 plus tuition differential for international students. The student must be enrolled full time and meet graduate school expectations in both course work and research in each semester to continue receiving support.

Application: Prospective students interested in applying this position, please email to Dr. Monica Båga, Department of Plant Sciences

  1. a letter of interest that describes your professional goals and highlights your qualifications;
  2. a curriculum vitae; and (iii) contact information, including email addresses, for three academic or professional references.
Dr. Adelaine Leung is recruiting graduate students to join her new laboratory focusing on the structural and cellular studies of protein complexes implicated in psychiatric diseases.  The Leung laboratory integrates in vitro and in vivo experimental approaches to understand how disease-implicated protein complexes can affect neural development.  Dr. Leung utilizes in vitro experimental approaches including protein crystallography, surface plasmon resonance assays, biochemical analysis of protein-protein interactions, as well as human disease models of Drosophila and human neuronal cell lines derived from induced pluripotent stem cells.  Students will have the opportunity to conduct experiments with Dr. Leung’s collaborators at Harvard Medical School contingent on budget availability.

Please contact Dr. Adelaine Leung for more information.

A graduate student position is available at the laboratory of Dr. Andrew Freywald, Division of Experimental Pathology and Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. The laboratory is located in the new Academic Health Sciences Building within the Translational Cancer Research Cluster and is equipped with state of the art research instrumentation.

The work of the laboratory is focused on identifying novel mechanisms that control cancer invasiveness, metastasis and stemness. The ultimate goal is the development of new treatment approaches by targeting these mechanisms using specific chemical inhibitors or synthetic antibodies. The graduate student will study molecular mechanisms that determine cancer aggressiveness using animal models, and advanced, biochemical, molecular biology, cell biology, and bioinformatics approaches.

To apply for this position, please send a single pdf file containing:

  1. a cover letter stating your research goals
  2. your CV, and
  3. transcripts with grades to Dr. Andrew Freywald

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.