Transition to Competency Based Education

University of Saskatchewan

You can visit the USask Competency By Design (CBD) and Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) homepage for a full list of resources.  Below are a few useful resources to help get you started.

What can the office of Faculty Development do to support CBD?
  • Work with PGME and CBME leads and encourage sharing of resources and experiences
  • Facilitate local rounds, retreats, workshops for Programs/Departments/Group or Sites
  • Annual Med Ed Research and Scholarship Day with CBME related content
  • Use RCPSC resources – webinars, meantime e book, modules, presentations
  • Host Webinars from AAMC, IASME, AMEE, CAME and others with expertise and experience in CBME
  • Check out our contributions to the PGME CBME newsletter

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Visit the RCPSC website for their Competency by Design (CBD) – articles, videos and resources.  This is an amazing compilation and has many resources on all topics related to competency based medical education for residency programs and teaching.  View here

There is a great description of faculty development required for CBD here

Alleviate resident stressors 7 important EPA tips 

The College of Family Physicians of Canada

CFPC has had a competency based curriculum for several years.  Resources on the Triple C curriculum and Faculty Development can be found here.

CFPC also has many resources on the Triple C Family Medicine Curriculum. View here