Where can I get a research mentor?
Mentorship for research is available and can be accessed through your department head or research facilitator.

I need specific help?
Contact the Research Facilitator for your department.




Darren Nickel , PhD

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Ozlem Sari, PhD

Department of Medicine

Tova Dybvig, MSc

Department of Pediatrics

Lori Ebbesen, EdD

School of Rehabilitation Science

Tom Graham, PhD

Department of Emergency Medicine

Alaverdashvili Mariam, PhD

Department of Psychiatry

Jennifer O’Brien, PhD

Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management

Karen Mosier, MSc

Department of Surgery

Bruna Bonavia-Fisher, PhD

College of Medicine (2 Biomedical Departments, CHE, Division of Oncology, and 6 clinical departments non covered by embedded RFs-above )


How do I create a SoTL?

Go to https://teaching.usask.ca/teaching-support/sotl.php#StartaSoTLCluster

Where to learn more?

 Go the Gwnna Moss site for courses and resources


Consider a Masters program or course.  Check out the following The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education Research: https://www.faimer.org/resources/mastersmeded.html

How can I build on this?


Commit to a change/ self reflection/  your learning plan/ get your study credits/ link learning to practice/QI

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