My department/unit/site wants to do a faculty development session. Where do I start?

Give us a call (306-966-5171) or email us at medicinefaculty.development@usask.ca. We can discuss what your department/unit or site is looking for and see how we can help you.

I want to add some FD to our regular rounds/meeting.  Can you help?

Yes!  It can be challenging adding more sessions to busy schedules so we highly recommend you add a short faculty development section to your already existing meeting agendas.  We can help with the content, resources including short PowerPoints and other information you may need to run a mini faculty development session.

Why attend FD sessions and how can I build on this?

This programming and the resources for teaching and learning on this site are intended to give you help as a teacher when you need it in a variety of different options.  There are “one off” events and resources you can access but there is also a laddered approach to our programs that can help you advance from elementary / introductory level of medical education learning up to and including recognized national certificates in education and a masters beginning  in 2020.  This laddered approach can help you build your knowledge and skills in medical education as needed and acquire recognition through certificates and graduate programs that support you.

How do I register for FD sessions?

Faculty Development and CME use the same USask platform called SRS for registering for our events. You set up your profile the first time you go in and then it is there for the future.  All current CME and FD sessions that require registration are listed.  For many of our FD session you do not require registration.  Registering allows us to create study credit certificates and plan room size, catering, etc.  If you have registered but are not able to make a session, please let us know.

Can I get credits for this?

Yes!  Many of our sessions have certified credits.  Those that are not certified can still be claimed.  If the program is MOC certified but not Mainpro, family physicians can still claim MOC credits.

Want to be on a CME/CPD event planning committee?   

Click here to view the PDF on why this might be important for you to consider.