Information & Updates from Key Sources

For everyone at the College of Medicine (CoM), we encourage you to keep abreast of information and updates from key sources:

USask Resources

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

USask Continuing Medical Education COVID-19 resources are updated regularly and done in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.  You can access these excellent resources through their website.

College of Medicine COVID-19 Information Page

The College of Medicine has created an information webpage for the college regarding COVID-19. This webpage is intended to complement the up-to-date information that is already available on USask Updates or the Government of Saskatchewan webpage.  The CoM webpage contains:

  • Recent messages for learners, faculty and staff in the College of Medicine
  • Messages from Dean Preston Smith
  • Event information
  • Resources for individuals in the clinical setting
  • Resources for faculty and staff

Indigenous Resources

Indigenous Community-Based Health Research Lab: Morning Star Lodge

Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Other Clinical Resources

Alberta College of Family Physicians

'Tools for Practice'

Choosing Wisely Canada

Evidence-based information on COVID-19

Canadian Medical Association

10 evidence-based ways to manage stress during times of emergency

COVID-19 Palliative Care Modules (Pallium Canada)

Canadian Medical Association Journal

Five things to know about quarantine

Mental health consequences of quarantine and isolation (practice article) | (Podcast)

Lecturio Resources

COVID-19 article covering Etiology, Transmission, Epidemiology, Clinical Presentation, Diagnostics, Management and Prevention

COVID-19 video course on Etiology, Epidemiology, Diagnosis

COVID-19 video course on Complications and Management

New England Journal of Medicine

Collection of articles and other resources on the Coronavirus outbreak, including clinical reports, management guidelines, and commentary.

'Fair Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources in the Time of COVID-19'

Northern Ontario School of Medicine

COVID-19 online clinical resources


“Raise the Line” with these resources for educators

Free course: “COVID-19: What You Need to Know as a Health Professional” (eligible for CME credit)  

Osmosis & GIBLIB: Be informed on COVID-19

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Update on the coronavirus outbreak and impact to the Royal College

Global, pan-Canadian and regional resources

Telemedicine and virtual care guidelines by province

Interactive guide: 'Navigating Medical Emergencies: An interactive guide to patient management'

Spectrum mobile app

Spectrum is now available throughout Saskatchewan and provides healthcare workers with access to local guidelines based upon local resistance patterns, antimicrobial formulary and dosing information and pathogen information. COVID-19 guidelines have also been updated into Spectrum based upon current evidence and SHA policy.

University of British Columbia Therapeutics Initiative

Links to authoritative sites and medical journals regarding COVID-19

Acetaminophen vs. NSAIDs during COVID-10 pandemic

Pill splitting: Making the most of meds in a time of need