The Physical Therapy Students Society is the social nucleus of the physical therapy students and functions to:

  • Keep the physical therapy students up-to-date on all University affairs.
  • Provide a liaison between faculty and students via representation on committees.
  • Host social events such as:  Welcome Week Activities, National Physio Week, MUMPS Pubs, Free Beer Nights, Student/Prof Night etc.
  • Encourage participation in campus activities such as:  Sports Intramurals, Shinerama, Medicomania, The Med Show, Health Rotary Expo.

High participation is a tradition of the School of Physical Therapy and the P.T.S.S. works hard to maintain this tradition.

A one-time P.T.S.S. membership fee will be charged in the first year, and is used to support the student’s lounge (refrigerator, coffee machine, microwave, etc.), athletic activities and other P.T.S.S. sponsored activities.

P.T.S.S. Executive Positions:

  • Co-Presidents   
  • Vice Presidents   
  • Treasurer    
  • Secretary
  • Public Relations    
  • 1st Year Class Reps 
  • 2nd Year Class Reps
  • Shinerama Reps
  • SPA Rep  
  • SWITCH Rep   
  • HSSA Reps
  • Sports Reps
  • Social Reps
  • Yearbook Editors   
  • Fundraising