Social accountability in Practice

Measuring the outcomes of socially-accountable medical education


Community engagement

Social determinants of health

Allyship, racism, discrimination and marginalization

Cultural safety

Indigenous wellness

Indigenous wellness


Health in rural communities


Health in global communities

Immigrant/refugee health

Health of francophone populations

The Franco Doc Tool Box. AFMC – a collection of Canadian resources for leaning the medical French you need to improve your language and cultural skills and a database of learning opportunities in French.

Environmental Health

Mental health

  • Mental Health: Screening Tools and Rating Scales (2018). Canadian Paediatric Society – tools to help health care providers recognize and diagnose mental health problems.
  • Child & Youth Mental Health Toolkits. Collaborative Mental Health Care - practical, user-friendly resource for screening, assessment and treatment of child and youth mental health problems commonly presenting in primary care.
  • Opioid Manager (2017). CEP – a clinical tool designed to support primary care providers manage opioid prescriptions for patients across Canada who experience chronic non-cancer pain.
  • Stigma and Mental Illness (2012). MK Health Center and MHCC – innovative video designed to help combat stigma attached to mental illness used to educate health care providers who work with children and youth.

Early childhood development

Gender-based violence

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