Sustainability in Radiology

By: Dr. Anurag Dalai & Dr. David Leswick

Background: Radiology departments are operationally energy intensive, mostly because of modern imaging machines such as CT and MRI. With increased awareness of climate change and its ecological and economic impacts, radiology can become a major stakeholder in the advancement of sustainable energy within the healthcare sector.

Purpose: To understand the energy consumption of the Department of Radiology at the Royal University Hospital and to estimate energy and cost saving potential during clinical operation.

Methods: Two CT scanners, two MRI scanners, two x-ray machines and department computers and monitors will be equipped with energy measurement sensors (likely kilowatt-hour). Energy measurements and scanner log files over the course of several months will be analyzed. Peak energy and per examination energy consumption will be calculated and compared to the hospital’s total energy consumption.

Results and Conclusions: The results and conclusion of this project will be shared upon the study’s completion. Insights gained from this study will lead to a pathway for optimal energy utilization within the Department of Radiology at the Royal University Hospital along with increasing awareness of sustainable energy consumption in healthcare.

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