Welcome to the University of Saskatchewan!
In preparation for your residency training starting July 1, here are some details regarding paperwork to complete and events to put in your calendar. You will find information regarding orientation, licensure, credentialing, contracts and the resident handbook.


Your attendance at orientation is required on the first working day in July, and thus it is considered the first day of your residency training program. You may not take it as a vacation day.

You will receive an e-mail with more information closer to the date of the orientation.


You will be sent documents via e-mail regarding application for licensure with the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CPSS), including instructions from CPSS on what is required.  If you do not receive the documents, contact the PGME office or at 306-966-5557 If you have questions on how to complete the forms or send the information to CPSS, contact CPSS at 306-244-7355 or by email.  Please start the application process as soon as possible with CPSS.

Do not delay submitting your documents to CPSS.

When completing your application for CPSS, if you are required to make a payment for your application, you are not completing the correct documents as a resident. Review the e-mail that has been sent to you from our office on behalf of the CPSS.

Note: CPSS will require a notarized copy of your medical degree. Although your Physiciansapply.ca account will have your medical degree displayed as “passed”, you still need to upload a copy of your medical degree to complete the verification process.


You will receive an email from the health authority regarding their credentialing process. Among other documentation required, you are required to present a criminal record check with the application form, which must be forwarded to their office prior to commencement of your training.  You will also receive additional information from the health authority regarding proof of immunization and guidance on how to submit the required documents.

Resident Boot Camp

All CMG and IMG applicants matched to RCPSC and CFPC residency training programs at the University of Saskatchewan must attend a mandatory 2-day PGME Resident Boot Camp. The 2019 Boot Camp is scheduled for Wednesday, June 26 and Thursday, June 27, 2019.
The purpose of the Boot Camp is to provide additional support to trainees as they transition to residency by introducing and consolidating baseline skills and knowledge needed to flourish during their residency years.
The Boot Camp will include interactive case-based and hands-on practice sessions. Stipends will be provided to trainees.

U of S Residents

A residency training contract will be sent to the email address provided in your CaRMS application.  If this email address has changed, please send your change to our office as soon as possible.

If you are using a Mac computer, it is recommended that you do not use the preview option to fill out any pdf fillable forms.  Due to a corrupt file issue, please use Adobe Acrobat to fill out any applicable forms prior to sending to the PGME office.
Please complete Documents 1 through 5 below and forward them via email, along with a scan of your signed contract, to the PGME office (as per the e-mail sent to you) by the deadline provided to you.  You may send all documents via postal service if you prefer.

1) Registration / Personal Data Form
This form requests information required to set you up in the U of S system as a student and as an employee.  Please update your address with the PGME Office and through PAWS as soon as you are settled in Saskatchewan for your residency training.

2) TD1 & TD1SK Forms (for payroll purposes)

  • Please remember to complete the top part of each form and sign the bottom of Page 2. Most new residents will not currently have an employee number.
  • Residents do not pay tuition; therefore, tuition, education, and textbook amounts are not eligible claims.
  • Questions regarding taxable amounts or how to fill out the forms can be directed to an accountant.

3) Employee Direct Deposit form & Self Service Direct Deposit Information on PAWS
Please complete the Employee Direct Deposit form and attach a blank cheque or a bank account detail form.  If you already have a U of S employee number you can submit your Bank Deposit Information online by using the Self Service Direct Deposit link through PAWS.  If you submit your information online, please advise the PGME office.

4) Membership application for CMPA Protection
Please complete the CMPA application online and provide the PGME Office with the document showing you submitted your application. CMPA dues will be paid by the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan as per the RDoS Collective Agreement.

FYI: The CMPA Type of Work (TOW) Code = 12
Type of license = Educational license
License number = pending

As payment for CMPA protection will be processed by the Postgraduate Office - Please check 'YES' to the question "Will a payer group organization or another party be submitting payment on your behalf?' in the Payment Information Section of the CMPA application form. For questions with respect to filling out the forms: please refer to the CMPA website or call the CMPA office and ask for Member Services at 1-613-725-2000.

5) Proof of current certification of ACLS
We would like to remind residents that the PGME office requires proof of successful completion of the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Course prior to commencement of training. The cost of obtaining certification is not covered by the University of Saskatchewan. ACLS certification must be valid as of your residency training start date. If residents do not have current certification, they are responsible for ensuring they meet this requirement.  The PGME office encourages residents to register for the next available course offered in their jurisdiction (in Saskatoon, contact Continuing Medical Education at 306-966-8072).  If residents are unsure if the certification they hold is appropriate for this requirement or to find more dates for courses, please contact the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Saskatchewan at 306-244-2124.

PEDIATRICS RESIDENTS PLEASE NOTE: Pediatrics residents will receive PALS training during residency training therefore ACLS is not a requirement prior to the July 1 start date. The costs associated with PALS training is not covered by the PGME office.  If you have questions about PALS, please speak with the U of S Pediatrics Department.

Please return documents 1 through 5 along with your residency contract via email to the PGME Office, by mail or hand delivered to:
PGME Office, College of Medicine
Room 413, 4th Floor, St. Andrew's College
1121 College Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7N 0W3
If you have questions please email the PGME Office at postgrad.med@usask.ca or phone 306-966-5557

Health & Dental Plan:
As employees of the University, residents are automatically enrolled in the health and dental plans provided through the University of Saskatchewan’s Sun Life Group Insurance Policy. Associated fees are paid on the residents' behalf for the duration of their training in the province.

Life & Disability Insurance:
Residents have the option to enroll in Life and/or Disability Insurance provided through the SMA/RDoS.  Like the health and dental plan, the life and disability insurance are negotiated benefits with associated premiums paid on the residents’ behalf for the duration of their training in the province.  Further details and forms requiring completion can be found on the RDoS website or by contacting by email.

 Please return these forms to the RDoS office or the SMA office directly at either:

Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan
Room 2695 - Box 23, RUH
103 Hospital Drive
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 0W8
OR Saskatchewan Medical Association
201 - 2174 Airport Drive
Saskatoon, SK

PGME Resident Handbook

(The handbook is available online only, updated periodically, and programs and residents should refer to the online version when they are looking for information)