Career Mentoring

Career mentoring is offered to College of Medicine PGME students


The College of Medicine Mentoring Program is dedicated to enhancing, supporting and growing the academic environment by establishing a Culture of Mentoring in order to create a center where everyone wants to come to work, to learn, to teach, to conduct research and to receive his or her health care, which will promote Saskatchewan as the best place to live and practice Medicine.


Our students, residents, graduate students, researchers, faculty members, and staff will have a welcoming, supportive relationship with (an) established mentor(s) throughout the initial years of their development at the College of Medicine, and in the province of Saskatchewan. 


The COM Mentoring Program is intended to serve undergraduate students, graduate and postgraduate trainees, community-based faculty, and members of the faculty in the COM who holds paid appointments in a clinical or basic science department, working as physicians, researchers, and clinical or basic science educators, and staff. Read more here.

  Mentoring Program Proposal