Access your rotations, schedules, and evaluations

Your resident rotation schedules, academic session schedules, and evaluations are available through One45, an application accessible through the MEdIC channel in PAWS. In One45 you can:

  • Review personal academic schedules
  • Track attendance for academic sessions
  • Review personal rotation schedules
  • Review handouts and links for Program and Rotation
  • Send/distribute personal assessment forms to preceptors
  • Complete assigned rotation and preceptor assessment forms
  • Review and signoff personal assessment results
  • Enter encounters into procedure log (ED2)

Accommodations for out-of-town rotations

Accommodations are provided at no cost to residents who are undertaking short term mandatory rotations at distributed sites in Saskatchewan. Please review the information below to learn more about reserving accommodations in advance of your rotation.

Distributed SiteContactEmail AddressPhone
North Battleford Michelle Coakwell 306-446-8631
Prince Albert Nicole Toutant 306-765-6787
Regina & Saskatoon Della Toews 306-966-1941

Extensive support is available for out of town rotations. The exact nature of this support varies with location and program. The College of Medicine works collaboratively with individual programs, the communities involved and the Ministry of Health to ensure residents are not financially disadvantaged by the need to relocate.