Vice-Dean Research

Marek Radomski, MD, PhD, DSc, Dhc

The highly regarded and widely-cited academic and researcher Dr. Marek Radomski has had a bounteous career in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Radomski has a tremendous curiosity and passion for research. His inexhaustible enthusiasm has led him around the world. The combination of Dr. Radomski’s avidity for research with the lure of a challenge has brought him to his current position as the Vice-Dean Research at the U of S College of Medicine. He took over as Vice-Dean Research on March 14, 2016, where he provides vision and leadership for all things research at the College of Medicine.


Over the span of his impressive career, Dr. Radomski has earned an MD, followed by a PhD in pharmacology at Copernicus Academy of Medicine in Krakow, Poland. He earned his DSc from the Medical Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences in 1990, followed by a move to Canada as Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research scholar and scientist of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. In 2005, he was named a Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation. Then, in 2008 Dr. Radomski was the recipient of an honorary degree, doctor honoris causa degree, from the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain.

Dr. Radomski has  trained many PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. He serves as a reviewer and editor for multiple scientific journals including NatureThe Lancet, PNAS, Nanomedicine (Lond.) and International Journal of Nanomedicine.  

Research Team


Vice-Dean Research, Dr. Marek Radomski


The Vice-Dean Research (VDR) is the senior leader in the college for all research-related matters and provides vision and leadership for the development and implementation of the CoM's comprehensive, integrated research plan.    

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Executive Administrative Assistant, TBD

Pronouns: She/Her.


The Executive Administrative Assistant provides administrative support with emphasis on funding initiatives and operational requirements in the OVDR. As the first point of contact for the office, she coordinates events/activities, and communicates on behalf of the Vice-Dean, Research.

  (306) 966-8119 Email

Research Manager, Megan Truscott 


The Research Manager is responsible for assisting the Vice-Dean Research in accomplishing the strategic research objectives of the College and implements the College's research and operational policies, directives, and initiatives. The Research Manager is also to whom the OVDR staff directly reports.         

  (306) 966-6516 Email

Student Project Coordinator, Stefany Cornea

Pronouns: She/Her.

(Keleigh Garcea - on Maternity Leave)


The Project Coordinator provides administrative, planning and project management support and expertise to the senior leadership team in the OVDR in order to facilitate all major funding initiatives of the OVDR and the College. 

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Research Financial Analyst, Leigh Dick



The Research Financial Analyst is key to the achievement of financial operations, including budget development, monthly financial reporting, quarterly forecasting, management accounting and compliance with applicatble laws, regulations and guidelines.  

(306) 966-1417 Email


 Research Facilitator, Dr. Bruna Bonavia-Fisher

The Research Facilitator is a skilled professional who helps researchers and the College achieve funding success and maximize research impact. She supports the growth and development of research activity in the biomedical and clinical departments.

(306) 966-2211 Email


Research Impact Analyst, Shelley-May Neufeld

Pronouns: She/Her. 


The Research Impact Analyst develops and implements effective practices for tracking, managing, and analyzing the academic research output of College of Medicine researchers. The Analyst uses measured outputs to disseminate information on the research productivity and impact in the College and community.

 (306) 966-3273  Email

Research Equity & Diversity Specialist, Dr. Erin Prosser-Loose

Pronouns: She/Her.

The Research Equity and Diversity Specialist supports the College in addressing EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) issues in research proposals, projects, teams, and the research environment as a whole. She aims to bridge gaps by promoting EDI principles and building relationships with relevant communities.

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Graduate Studies Team

Assistant Dean Graduate Studies, Dr. David Cooper


The Assistant Dean Graduate Studies is responsible for the strategic and academic leadership of learning, teaching and the graduate student experience in the College of Medicine.

(306) 966-7895 Email

Graduate Programs Coordinator, Chantal Jantzen

Pronouns: She/Her.

The Graduate Program Coordinator supports the Assistant Dean Graduate Studies in setting the strategic direction of the graduate programs, and developing and facilitating the funding initiatives related to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the College of Medicine.  

(306) 966-7524  Email



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