College of Medicine Research Award

The OVDR is proud to offer a competitive funding opportunity open to all faculty members with a primary academic appointment in the College of Medicine that will continue until the end of the full granting period. The capital purpose of the CoMRAD is to provide seed funding for novel pilot and/or feasibility studies that will facilitate future applications to external funding sources on a provincial, national, and global level.

Visit the CoMRAD page for detailed information about the application process, funding, and using  SharePoint.

Please Contact our office with any inquiries.

College of Medicine Bridge Funding

Aimed at supporting College of Medicine (CoM) faculty in achievements of research excellence and encouraging application for Tri-Agency funding, this competitive initiative is available to all faculty with a primary academic appointment in the CoM that will continue through the full granting period. 

Bridge Funding can be obtained for:

  • CIHR Project Grants; up to $100,000 CAD for 2 years
  • NSERC Discovery Grants; up to $50,000 CAD for 2 years
  • SSHRC Insight Grants; up to $40,000 CAD for 2 years

To Apply: Within 2 weeks of final notification of the Tri-Agency results, applicants must submit documentation of 2 high quality reviews of the application considered for bridge funding, and a copy of the Tri-Agency notice of award (notice of decision document) and the reviewer's comments as a single PDF document via Email.

Note: Paper applications will not be accepted.  CoMBRIDGE notifications of decision will be sent via email.

Please Contact our office with any questions or comments.

College of Medicine Supplemental Publication Funding

NOTE: Publication Funding has been fully allocated for the current fiscal year. Please see MEMO from Dr. Marek Radomski.

Aiming to advance the College of Medicine's research profile, the OVDR is pleased to offer a funding initiative to provide resources and support to faculty who have carried a research project forward to the point of publication.  In providing this opportunity, the OVDR facilitates an award with a maximum value of $1,000 CAD.  The award is not intended to cover the entire publication fee, but rather meant to provide the applicant with assistance and encouragement in continuing efforts towards research excellence.

All articles must be published in a peer-reviewed journal, submission of the article to the OVDR upon publication is a mandatory condition of Supplemental Publication Funding recipients.

To Apply: Download and fill out the application PDF, then submit via Email. The OVDR will contact you after your application has been assessed.

Please Contact our office with any inquiries.


Dean's Summer Research Projects

Open to all first and second year undergraduate medical students, the Dean’s Summer Research Projects program acts to facilitate exposure to scientific research, fostering skills that will be crucial throughout our students’ careers as medical professionals.  The initiative is intended to ignite a passion for research, promoting an understanding of the vital role research plays in health care today.

To Apply:

1. Access the Application Document below, complete in full, and submit an electronic PDF to the OVDR via Email.  The application should be predominantly written by the student, with guidance provided as needed by the supervisor.

2. The Agreement Acknowledged must be signed by both the student and the supervisor.  A scanned copy of the Agreement will need to be submitted to the OVDR via Email and attached to the application.

Note: Both steps are mandatory.  Applications will not be considered if any part of the process is missing or incomplete.

Detailed information can be found by accessing Dean's Projects .

Biomedical Summer Research Projects

The Biomedical Summer Research Projects initiative facilitates the research training of undergraduate students enrolled in the following programs: Anatomy and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, Physiology, and Pharmacology. The primary purpose of the Biomedical Summer Research Projects is to encourage students to pursue further education through graduate studies, therefore, priority will be given to applicants with a GPA in their last 60 credit units of 80% or higher. However, this initiative is available to all Biomedical Science students in years 2nd through 4th, and students with a GPA of less than 80% may still apply. 

Only one application will be accepted from any eligible student per year. Supervisors may submit more than one application. Each project must have a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end. Projects may be intertwined, but they cannot be dependent on each other. Supervisors must be faculty in the College of Medicine for the duration of the award period. 

Biomedical Summer Research Projects are a maximum of 10 weeks in length and run over the summer months (May-August) exclusively. Depending on the quality of applications, the OVDR expects to fund 15–18 projects for the summer of 2019.

To Apply: Access the Application form, complete, and submit via Email to the OVDR on or before the application deadline. 

Choosing Your Project: Students who have an idea for a project are encouraged to approach faculty with their ideas. Once they find a faculty member willing to work with them, the two can complete an application.

Details can be found by accessing the Guidelines document.
Please  Contact our office with any inquiries.

MD Summer Research Experience

The Summer Research Experience Projects fall under the same umbrella as Dean’s Summer Research Projects, but are variable in length. These projects are designed for students who are participating in either Making the Links or a IFMSA Research Exchange. 

To Apply: Students fill out the same Application form as those applying for Dean’s Summer Research Projects, but modify the timeline (6 to 8 weeks).  All applications must be submitted via Email.

Detailed information can be found by accessing the Guidelines document.

Please Contact our office with any inquiries.

MD Year-Round Volunteer Research Opportunity

In response to feedback from U of S medical students stating their desire to increase ability to participate in active research projects throughout the year, the OVDR is pleased to facilitate the MD Year-Round Volunteer Research Opportunity.  The OVDR aims to foster connections for MD research projects as a way to encourage more students to become passionate about research.  Active research experience is invaluable because of the increasingly vital role research plays in today's health care, therefore student engagement in this field is critical. 

Note: As volunteer participation in research activities during the academic year may impact your academic progress, you are required to receive confirmation that you are a student in good academic standing in the Undergraduate MD Program. 

A list of available projects can be found on Google Drive.

Please Contact our office with any inquiries.

Interdisciplinary Summer Research Progarm

The primary goal of the newly launched Interdisciplinary Summer Research Progam is to provide salary awards to aid in the research training of undergraduate summer students enrolled in either the College of Medicine or the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition. Students must be co-supervised by a faculty member from both participating Colleges, as these salary awards are intended not only to provide students with valuable research experience, but also to encourage increased interdisciplinary collaborative research within the Health Sciences.

Only one application per applicant will be accepted. Each student and each supervisor may only submit one application per year for a stand-alone project with clearly defined objectives and outcomes. A student must be co-supervised by one faculty member from the College of Medicine and one faculty member from the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition.

All undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Medicine and the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition are eligble to apply. We recommend that students have a minimum average of 80% in their previous two terms to be competitive. Co-supervisors must be eligible to hold research funds for the duration of the award period.

The application deadline is February 28, 2019. For details, please access the Guidelines document below.

Please Contact Us with any questions or comments.  

Letters of Excellence

Letters of Excellence acknowledge those students that demonstrated outstanding performance and commitment to their research projects. 

Students must be nominated by their supervisors to be considered for this honour. 

At the end of the term of the research project, supervisors will be sent a call for nominations. They will then be required to write a short letter of recommendation which should address some of the following key areas:

  • Commitment to learning
  • Keen interest in the topic
  • Work ethic
  • Quality of work
  • Student contribution to the research

Once the nomination is received by the Vice Dean Research Office it will be reviewed and if deemed successful, a Letter of Excellence will be written by the Vice Dean Research commending the student's demonstration of strengths and work ethic. 

Note: Only a select few letters will be written. 

Please Contact our office with any inquiries.

MD Excellence in Research Award

The MD Students’ Excellence in Research Award has been established by the Office of the Vice Dean Research (OVDR) to recognize a medical student who has excelled in research while at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.  This award recognizes a student’s research achievements and allows the College to proudly display their outstanding research accomplishments.  

The award will be granted to a University of Saskatchewan medical student involved in research at the College of Medicine. One award of a value of $1,000 is available to a deserving medical student based on excellence in research and a nomination from their research supervisor. In order to be eligible for this award, MD students must have participated in a summer research project supervised by a College of Medicine faculty member.  Students must also have received a Letter of Excellence nomination from their supervisor.  Students may only receive this award once during the course of their medical degree.

Please note: If the student nominated is currently on leave from the College of Medicine in order to participate in the MD/PhD program, they are still be eligible for this award.

Please Contact our office with any inquiries.

Support & Resources

The OVDR is committed to providing support and resources to its students as they undertake important research activities.  Below, please find a number of easily accessible links containing meaningful information for students performing research here at the University of Saskatchewan.

Please Contact our office with any inquiries


College of Medicine Graduate Student Awards

The CoMGRAD Scholarship Program supports research with the College of Medicine (CoM) through awards to students who have demonstrated academic and research excellence. The guiding principles of this program include: 1) maximizing the use of CoM funding to support as many worthy students as possible and 2) to encourage and reward the pursuit of competitive external funding by both students and supervisors. The CoMGRAD award program is administered by the Office of the Vice Dean Research (OVDR). 

Detailed information can be found by accessing Graduate Studies Funding Opportunities page.

The College of Medicine (CoM) offers a number of funding opportunities for graduate students. Graduate students may receive funding from a stipend, an award, or a combination of sources. The CoM encourages graduate students to apply for all internal and external funding for which they are eligible.

Please access the Graduate Studies Funding Opportunities page for details about funding opportunities for graduate students.


Resident Research Awards

The Resident Research Awards funding initiative seeks to provide resources and support to residents so that they may carry out an independent, novel research project that will encourage a diverse research portfolio. The aim of the initiative is to strengthen pilot studies or initial research that will lead to the development of a research program, improve the quality of research projects conducted by residents, and to foster a passion for research within the College of Medicine.

These awards are short-term, concise health research projects, which have been largely developed by the resident who demonstrates a passion for research. The majority of the work involved in completing the research must be done by the resident. The proposed work should be within the applicant’s ability to execute it independently, within the time available and with the support of the proposed supervisor. This opportunity is often the applicant’s first foray into research, and the OVDR is pleased to offer its support.

Each award is valued at a maximum of $2,000.  Budget permitting, there will be two calls per year and funding will be distributed based on the quality and quantity of applications for each call.

To Apply: Access the Application form below, complete, and submit before September 12, 2018 at 4:00pm via email.  Please access the Guidelines document for details.

Please Contact our office with any inquiries.

Vice-Dean's Prize for Excellence in Resident Research

The OVDR is excited to offer an opportunity to recognize residents who have exhibited outstanding commitment to research excellence. Each Clinical Department in the College of Medicine may nominate a single (1) student by nominating them via Email.

In order for residents to be considered for a Resident Research Excellence Award, Departments/supervisors must submit a short letter of recommendation addressing the following:

  • Commitment to learning
  • Keen interest in the topic
  • Quality work ethic
  • Student contribution to research
  • Personal information: Student name, NSID, residency program, and email address

Once nominations are received by the OVDR, they will be vetted by senior leaders and a Letter of Research Excellence written by Dr. Marek Radomski, Vice-Dean Research to successful residents. Recipients will receive a cash prize of $500.

Please note: only one (1) resident nomination from each Department will be accepted. Nominee must be a current resident at the University of Saskatchewan.

Contact Us with any questions.

Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs) are valuable members of the university; they contribute immensely to the vitality of the research environment. In general, PDFs come to the university in order to:

  • gain additional research experience and expertise
  • develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become independent investigators themselves
  • engage in research projects that provide the challenge necessary for intellectual growth rather than provision of technical support

Currently, the OVDR does not have any funding initiatives for PDFs, however there are external agencies that provide PDF funding support.

For details, please access the PDF website.


2019 information to be announced.

Applications are due within 2 weeks of final notification of Tri-Agency results. Please see Tri-Agency deadlines.

Date Activity
January 23, 2019 Application deadline.
March 31, 2019 Ethics applications due.
August 31, 2019 All projects must be completed.
September 25, 2019 Final reports due.
October, 2019 (TBA) Fall poster day.
Date Activity
March 13, 2019 Application deadline.
August 31, 2019 All projects must be completed.
October, 2019 (TBD) Fall Poster Day.
Date Activity
February 28, 2019 Application deadline.
Date Activity
January 15, 2019 2019 CoMGRAD application deadline.
March 15, 2019 Notification of successful awards.
April 15, 2019 Signed award letters due.
September 1, 2019 Funding begins.

2019 information to be announced.

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