The OVDR Executive Committee’s activities are directly related to the policies, initiatives, and strategic directives falling under the jurisdiction of the Vice-Dean Research. The Committee serves as the primary advisory body for the College of Medicine on research-related strategy, policy development and review, and funding initiatives.

Executive Committee Members

Member Name Department
Dr. Ivar Mendez Surgery
Dr. Thomas Fisher Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology
Dr. Josh Lawson Medicine
Dr. Julia Boughner Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology
Dr. Teresa Paslawski School of Rehabilitation Science
Dr. David Cooper Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology
Dr. Sylvia Abonyi Community Health & Epidemiology
Dr. Erika Penz Medicine
Dr. Angela Baerwald Family Medicine
Dr. Joyce Wilson Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology
Dr. Eric Sy Medicine

The OVDR Metrics Task Force aims to develop and execute a plan for gathering and reporting on critical research impact metrics in the College of Medicine (CoM) in order to: showcase faculty research productivity and impact, engage in high-level visioning to help position the research enterprise of the CoM for recognition and leadership, and to recognize and celebrate excellence in health research at local, national and international levels.

Metrics Task Force Members

Department/Unit Representative/Member
OVDR Dr. Marek Radomski
OVDR Shelley-May Neufeld
OVDR Dr. Bruna Bonavia-Fisher
OVDR Dr. Erin Prosser-Loose
Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology Dr. Brian Eames
Community Health & Epidemiology Dr. Sylvia Abonyi
Community Health & Epidemiology Dr. Lori Hanson (Erin Walling)
Emergency Medicine Dr. Brent Thoma
Medical Imaging Dr. Paul Babyn
Medicine Dr. Josh Lawson
Medicine Dr. Terra Arnason
Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology Dr. Joyce Wilson
Obstetrics & Gynecology Dr. Roger Pierson
Pediatrics Tova Dybvig
Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology Dr. Lixin Liu
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Dr. Fergall Magee
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Dr. Katherine Knox
School of Rehabilitation Science Dr. Steve Milosavljevic
SCPOR Dr. Malcolm King
SK Cancer Agency Dr. Julie Stakiw
Surgery Dr. Silvana Papagerakis

The Committee's purpose is to compose a position paper outlining the state of health research in Saskatchewan, the importance of investing in health research in Saskatchewan, and make recommendations to Government of Saskatchewan and other influential decision makers.

Committee Members

Member Name Affiliation
Dr. Marek Radomski (Chair) Vice-Dean Research, College of Medicine
Dr. Jane Alcorn Associate Dean Research, College of Pharmacy & Nutrition
Dr. David Cooper Assistant Dean Research, College of Medicine
Dr. Julie Stakiw Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
Danya Kordon Director, Research Institutes & Clusters, Innovation Saskatchewan
Dr. Paul Babyn Department Head, Medical Imaging, Usask & Saskatchewan Health Authority
Dr. Julia Boughner Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, College of Medicine
Dr. Petros Papagerakis Associate Dean Research, College of Dentistry
Dr. Liz Harrison Associate Dean Research, School of Rehabilitation Science
Dr. Dena McMartin Director, Research Services, Usask
Dr. Michael Levin Saskatchewan Chair in Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Research
Sinead McGartland Director, Planning & Projects, College of Medicine
Dr. David Malloy Vice-President Research, University of Regina
Sandra Blevins Dean, School of Nursing & School of Health Sciences, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Dr. Ivar Mendez Provincial Head, Department of Surgery
Dr. Carrie Bourassa Scientific Director, Canadian Institute of Indigenous Peoples' Health
Dr. Michael Kelly Saskatchewan Chair in Clinical Stroke Research
Dr. Alan Rosenberg Director, The Pediatric Rheumatic Disease Laboratory, Department of Pediatrics
Kathryn Warden Director, Research Profile & Impact, Usask
Laura Zink Director, Strategic Research Initiatives, Usask
Brent Brownlee Director, Universities & Private Vocational Schools, Ministry of Advanced Education
Dr. Ryan Meili MLA, Saskatchewan NDP
Rob Norris Senior Strategist, Research Partnerships, Usask

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