MD/PhD Program

The combined MD/PhD program is intended for undergraduate medical students wanting a career as a clinical scientist. Areas of research interest may spread from the molecular to the social/population determinants of health.

The policies and procedures regarding this program area currently under review. Please contact us for more information.


Up to two applicants per year will be accepted into the dual MD/MBA stream. Students interested in being considered for this dual degree stream must have a 4-year baccalaureate degree completed before entry and must have written the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Acceptance is first through the College of Medicine (CoM) admissions process and then subsequently through the Edwards School of Business (ESB) admissions process. The one change to the ESB entrance requirements allowed is that the MCAT will be used in place of the Graduate Management Admission Test. In evaluating the CoM applicants, the ESB admissions team will use a minimum score on the MCAT as determined by the CoM as acceptable during their recruitment process. Acceptance into both programs means the applicant is granted a deferral on starting medicine for one year and immediately starts in the MBA Program.

The CoM and ESB have agreed to each provide one scholarship annually to support this agreement. This scholarship is intended to approximate the difference between the CoM tuition and the ESB MBA tuition. In the event there is only one candidate, the parties agree to split the scholarship amount equally.