Picture of Dr. J. Brian Clapson

Dr. J. Brian Clapson BMSc, MD, CCFP, FRCP(S), CD Clinical Associate Plastic Surgery


Dr. J Brian Clapson is an Associate Professor in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan, with subspecialty training in hand and microvascular reconstructive surgery.  After graduating from the University of Alberta Medical School in 1980, he completed a two year family medicine residency prior to entering into the surgery program at the University of Saskatchewan.  Upon certification in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, he pursued further training in hand and microsurgery with Dr. Buncke and his team in San Francisco.  Upon returning to Saskatoon, he firmly established microsurgical reconstruction for both trauma and team oncological care.  As well, he was director of the microsurgical training and research laboratory for many years.

Dr. Clapson has been active in all aspects of teaching and administration at the University of Saskatchewan, serving on both undergraduate and postgraduate committees as well as on faculty council.  He has served as Division Head on two occasions, coordinating the divisional recruitment of a solid surgical team with significant subspecialty training.  At the national level, he has been active with the Royal College as a surveyor, active committee membership, including chairing, on multiple levels as well as sitting on council.  

With dual certification in both family medicine and surgery, Dr. Clapson served with the Canadian Armed Forces as a flight surgeon and general duty medical office for 23 years.  This was a formative part of his career with educational and practice opportunities not readily available in civilian practice, enabling overseas deployments and participation with care at many CAF bases across Canada.

He has been the recipient of many teaching awards both at the local university level as well as nationally.  Currently, he is completing his Masters In Medical Education with a focus on systems education and outcomes.  Current research interests revolve around involvement of medical students in small learning projects to both expose them to the specialty of plastic surgery as well as the production and presentation of a scientific paper. 

Academic Background: 

1997 -  Flight Surgeon - Canadian Forces School of Environmental Medicine - Toronto
1986 - 1988 - University of Southern California - SF - Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship
1982 - 1986 - FRCP(S) University of Saskatchewan - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
1980 - 1982 - CCFP - University of Calgary - Family Medicine Program
1980 - MD - University of Alberta
1978 - Bachelor of Medical Science - University of Alberta
1973 - 76 - University of Calgary Honours Cellular and Microbial Biology

Selected Publications

Chapters in Books:
  • Microsurgery: Transplantation and Replantation, Buncke, H., Alpert B., et al, Lee and Fabisher, 1991 - co-authored: Chapter 7: Bilateral Inferior Epigastric Flap, Chapter 20 : Rectus Abdominus Muscle Transfer, Chapter 32 Bony Fixation in Replantation
  • Flynnes Hand Surgery, 4th Edition, Edited by J. Jupiter.  Williams and Wilkins, 1991, Co-authored - Chapter 39: The Microvascular Laboratory.  

Papers Published:
  • Free Tissue Transplantation - Retrospective Review of 700 Consecutive Free Tissue Transfer, Whitney, T., Clapson, J., Buncke, H., The Proceedings of the International Symposium on Reconstructive Microsurgery for Trauma, F.C. Wei (ed), Hampton Press, Norfolk 1989
  • The Small Free Flap, Clapson, J., Whitney,, T., Bucnke, H., The Proceedings of the International Symposium on Reconstructive Microsurgery for Trauma, F.C. Wei (ed), Hampton Press, Norfolk 1989
  • Immediate Skin Grafting in Free Muscle Transfers, Lineaweaver, B., Clapson, J., Buncke, H., Annals of Plastic Surgery, 1989
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