PGME Staff/Residency Program Contacts

This directory contains contact information for the Saskatoon and Regina staff contacts, as well as residency program contacts.

Picture of Dr. Anurag Saxena

Dr. Anurag Saxena Professor, PGME, Associate Dean (Saskatoon)

Dr. Gill White Associate Dean, Regina Campus


Picture of Dr. Sharon Card

Dr. Sharon Card Professor, PGME, CBD Lead

Samantha Chymy Staff, PGME, Clerical — CBD & Education

Competence by Design (CBD) support

Picture of Dr. Marla  Davidson

Dr. Marla Davidson Professor, PGME, Director of Transfers

Picture of  Loni Desanghere

Loni Desanghere Staff, PGME Research

Picture of  Jennifer Dybvig

Jennifer Dybvig Staff, PGME, Clerical Assistant — Residency Payments, Processing & Finance

Payroll – On-call, STAT holiday, Admin Resident Stipends • Payment Processing –CMPA/CPSS

Picture of  Kailey Friesen

Kailey Friesen Staff, PGME, Clerical Assistant — Resident Wellness, Resources and RaPID

RaPID • Past and current training verifications • Annual Report • PGME Newsletter • PGME Celebration Night • Leaves and Extension of training

Picture of  Audrey  Kincaid

Audrey Kincaid Staff, PGME, Clerical Team lead — Operations & Accreditation

Accreditation & Internal Review Coordination • New Program Development • Support for PGME, PGME Executive and Academic & Program Enhancement Committees • Notary Services (for resident training purposes only)

Picture of  Maureen  Lumbis

Maureen Lumbis Staff, PGME, Executive Assistant — Associate Dean

Picture of  Gayathri Manoharan

Gayathri Manoharan Staff, PGME, Coordinator — Resident Wellness

Learning Assessments & Counseling Referrals • Wellness Resources • Academic Accommodations • Transition to Practice & Career Planning

Reola Mathieu Staff, PGME, Coordinator — Academic & Non-Academic Processes

PGME Policies and Procedures • Resident Remediations, Probations and Academic Appeals • Program Director Appointments • PGME Leadership Contracts

Picture of  Opeoluwa  Okunola

Opeoluwa Okunola Staff, PGME, Coordinator — Educational Programs

CanMEDS Curriculum and Assessment Tools • Six Month Evaluations • Resident Boot Camp • Resident Quality Improvement Program • PGME Metrics

Picture of  Tanya Robertson-Frey

Tanya Robertson-Frey Staff, PGME, Coordinator — Program Evaluation

PGME Surveys • PGME Program Evaluation Projects

Heather Schultz Staff, PGME, Clerical Assistant — Educational Programs

Resident Boot Camp • Workshops • Residents as Teachers/TIPS Course Support • Six Month Evaluation Support

Picture of  Della Toews

Della Toews Staff, PGME, Coordinator — Admissions and Resident Administration

CaRMS & Transfers • Clinical Fellowships, Visa Trainees, Non-residency training • Inter-university Agreements • PGME Awards • Resident Handbook • Saskatoon Housing • Call Room Liaison

Jennifer Uhryn Staff, PGME, Clerical Assistant — Admissions & Resident Administration

New Resident Administration • Resident Leaves, Promotions, Resignations • RCPSC Rulings, CITERS, FITERS, CCTs

Judith Villanueva Staff, PGME, Clerical Assistant — Reception & Electronic Filing

Reception, support to programs for accreditation system (AMS)

Saskatoon PGME Contacts

Karen Bader Staff, Surgery (General) PGY3, 4, 5

Prachi Bandivadekar Staff, Diagnostic Radiology

To Be Determined Staff, PGME, Coordinator — Education & Metrics

Georgie Blackwell Staff, Anesthesiology (Saskatoon)

Heidi Brown Staff, Family Medicine (Rural) - Prince Albert

Lorrissa Budz Staff, Ophthalmology

Leah Chomyshen Staff, Emergency Medicine (RC)

Judy Classen Staff, Orthopedic Surgery

Keri Dewar Staff, Surgery (General) PGY3, 4, 5

Jeanine Dice Staff, Pediatrics, PGME

Lisa Eisan Staff, Family Medicine (Rural) - Moose Jaw

Ann Finch Staff, Family Medicine/Emergency Medicine; Residency Training (Regina & Saskatoon)

Jennifer Gates-Debogorski Staff, Internal Medicine

Dr. Sean Groves Professor, Family Medicine (Rural) - La Ronge, Site Director

Michelle Haley Staff, Pediatrics

Dr. Suzie Harriman Professor, PGME, Simulation Coordinator

Julie Hunter Staff, Clinician Investigator Program; Emergency Medicine (RC) Program

Jalene Jepson Staff, Family Medicine Enhanced Skills

Terri Klarenbach Staff, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Michelle Koehn Staff, Family Medicine (Rural) - North Battleford

Dr. Tara Lee Professor, Family Medicine (Rural) - Swift Current, Site Director

Chanda Legare Staff, Family Medicine (Rural) - Swift Current

Angela Loehndorf Staff, Neurology

Sherrise Mareschal Staff, General Internal Medicine; Respiratory, Cardiology, Rheumatology and Nephrology Medicine

Kathy McKenzie Staff, Psychiatry, Admin Support (Saskatoon)

Kathy Mckenzie Staff, PGME, Psychiatry

Brittany Minty Staff, Neurosurgery

Megan Murk Staff, Anesthesiology (Saskatoon)

Julie Otto Staff, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Melissa Pardy Staff, PGME, Internal Medicine - Core PGY 1, 2, 3, 4

Yimika Plumptre Staff, Internal Medicine

Deb Quirion Staff, Pathology

Dr. Volker Rininsland Professor, Family Medicine (Rural) - Moose Jaw, Site Director

Picture of Dr. Anurag Saxena

Dr. Anurag Saxena Professor, PGME, Associate Dean (Saskatoon)

Janice Skilliter Staff, Family Medicine (Rural) - La Ronge

Koreen Skjonsby Staff, ICU/Trauma, Clerical Assistant

Barb Smith Staff, Family Medicine (Saskatoon)

Raven St. Yves Staff, Obstetrics & Gynecology (Saskatoon)

Laura White Staff, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry; Forensic Psychiatry

Alisa Worobetz Staff, Surgical Foundations PGY 1, 2

Regina PGME Contacts