PGME Staff/Residency Program Contacts

Dr. Anurag Saxena Faculty, PGME, Associate Dean (Saskatoon)

Dr. Gill White Faculty, PGME, Associate Dean (Regina)

Saskatoon PGME Contacts

Dr. Sharon Card Faculty, PGME, CBD Lead

Shelley Christianson Staff, PGME, Manager — PGME Operations

Janine Corbett Staff, PGME, Clerical Assistant — PGME Electives & Admin Processes

Dr. Marla Davidson Faculty, PGME, Director of Transfers

Loni Desanghere Staff, PGME Research

Jennifer Dybvig Staff, PGME, Clerical Assistant — Residency Payments, Processing & Finance

Kailey Friesen Staff, PGME, Clerical Assistant — Resident Wellness, Resources and RaPID

Audrey Kincaid Staff, PGME, Clerical Team lead — Operations & Accreditation

Maureen Lumbis Staff, PGME, Executive Assistant — Associate Dean

Gayathri Manoharan Staff, PGME, Coordinator — Resident Wellness

Reola Mathieu Staff, PGME, Coordinator — Academic & Non-Academic Processes

Opeoluwa Okunola Staff, PGME, Coordinator — Educational Programs

Tanya Robertson-Frey Staff, PGME, Coordinator — Program Evaluation

Heather Schultz Staff, PGME, Clerical Assistant — Educational Programs

Della Toews Staff, PGME, Coordinator — Admissions and Resident Administration

Dr. Alison Turnquist Faculty, PGME, Simulation Coordinator

Jennifer Uhryn Staff, PGME, Clerical Assistant — Admissions & Resident Administration

Judith Villanueva Staff, PGME, Clerical Assistant — Reception & Electronic Filing

Regina PGME Contacts

Annie Ethier Staff, PGME, Administrative Coordinator (Regina)

Kris Schoenhofen Staff, PGME, Admin/Finance Manager (Regina)

Tracy Arnold Staff, PGME, Admin Support for Dr. White (Regina)


Georgie Blackwell Staff, Anesthesiology (Saskatoon)

Kim Gilbert Staff, Anesthesiology, Admin Support (Regina)

Dr. Kyle Gorman Faculty, Anesthesiology, Residency Teaching Coordinator (Regina)

Megan Murk Staff, Anesthesiology (Saskatoon)