Picture of Dr. Harry Deneer

Dr. Harry Deneer Associate Professor Pathology

Royal University Hospital Room 3764, Saskatoon SK


BSc – University of Manitoba (Microbiology)
MSc – University of Manitoba (Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases)
PhD – University of British Columbia (Microbiology and Immunology)
Post-Doctoral Researcher – Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO)

Current appointments
Associate Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Allied Health Professional Staff, Saskatoon Health Region

I am head of the Molecular Microbiology Laboratory which is part of the Division of Clinical Microbiology in the Saskatoon Health Region.  My interests are mainly in general microbiology, microbial pathogenesis, and in the development and application of modern molecular genetic tools to facilitate the diagnosis of infectious diseases.  My laboratory is primarily a diagnostic facility, performing nucleic acid amplification tests using real-time PCR technology to detect a wide range of microbial pathogens directly from clinical specimens.  We also provide a DNA sequencing service to assist the Bacteriology Laboratory in the identification of bacterial and fungal species.

I teach in the Pathology Residency program in the areas of virology, infectious diseases, and general molecular pathology.  I also teach two full courses on Introductory Microbiology, one to students in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition and another to Nursing students.  I have twice received the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union Teaching Excellence Award, in 2002 and most recently in 2016.