Picture of Dr. Joshua Butcher

Dr. Joshua Butcher Resident PGY3 Emergency Medicine


Hey everyone! My name is Josh Butcher. I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta by my father, a Métis millwright farm boy, and momma Butcher, the Portuguese home-maker! (See picture…) I’m a late bloomer to the world of Emergency Medicine. I spent my PGY-1 year as an Orthopedic Surgery resident, gaining tons of technical skills in difficult reductions, casting, splinting, and maintaining an often very sick Orthopedics ward. Despite my love for Orthopedics, I’ve seen the light and am ecstatic to be a member of this phenomenal EM family. I initially moved to Saskatoon to play football with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies who I spent 6 years with, the last 3 of which extended into my first 3 years of medical school. If you’re ever feeling up to the task, I’m always down to jam and drop some dope beats on my drum kit! My medical interests include trauma, and tech integration into clinical practice. When I’m not working, you can catch me grabbing a beer downtown, or checking out some live music!