Picture of Dr. Ponn Benjamin

Dr. Ponn Benjamin Resident PGY5, Emergency Medicine


Ponn is a learner, he has spent more time digesting and ruminating over text books than being employed. His wife and three daughters hope that the variability of diverse patient encounters in the Emergency Department will provide life long satisfaction as he drinks from the fountain of knowledge. A five year Emergency Medicine residency provides Ponn the skill set required to be a competent physician and educator.  To paraphrase...FIVE YEARS TO CHEW CUD...which is appropriate for a "COW" (University of Calgary's Menagerie 2015).  He is looking forward to becoming an expert in resuscitation and stabilization. Ponn aspires to take his craft to the developing world. During his spare time Ponn enjoys spending quality time with his family. His hobbies include the gym, photography, the NFL, and reading Louis L'Amour -to satiate his desire to be the first East Indian "Tamil" Cowboy!!!