Picture of Dr. Vernon Hoeppner

Dr. Vernon Hoeppner MD, FRCPC Faculty, Respirology, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

About Dr. Vernon Hoeppner

Appointed to University of Saskatchewan 1977.

Contributions to Respiratory Medicine: Implemented high volume, low pressure endotracheal tubes for Respiratory Intensive Care patients; added the effect of sleep on breathing and obstructive sleep apnea to the curriculum for second year medical students; implemented ambulatory supplementary oxygen therapy for home management of COPD; pioneered nighttime ventilation for patients with respiratory failure secondary to kyphoscoliosis; identified and treated Saskatchewan’s first patient with obstructive sleep apnea; developed in collaboration with neurology the initial diagnostic capacity for identification of sleep apnea; pioneered directly observed therapy for Saskatchewan patients with TB and TB infection, the first jurisdiction in North America to provide this service; pioneered mobile TB clinics for Saskatchewan in collaboration with Health Canada, Saskatchewan Region.


  • Fellowship Immunology of Tuberculosis and Related Diseases British Medical Research Council
  • FRCPC Respiratory Diseases
  • FRCPC Internal Medicine
  • General Medicine training University of Toronto
  • Respiratory Specialty training University of Toronto
  • Doctor of Medicine University of Manitoba


Faculty Appointments

  • Assistant/Associate/Professor Respiratory Medicine 1977-88.
  • Chair Respiratory Systems teaching for 2nd year students
  • JURSI Program Coordinator Department of Medicine
  • Medical Director Intensive Care Unit
  • Chair Respiratory Training Program
  • Head Department of Medicine
  • Acting Head Division Respiratory, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

Professional Association/Administrative/Community Contributions

  • President Saskatchewan Thoracic Society
  • Board of Directors Canadian Thoracic Society
  • Chair Technical Working Group for Home Respiratory Therapy, SAIL, Saskatchewan Health
  • Medical Director Saskatchewan Tuberculosis Program, Saskatchewan Health
  • World Health Organization Sub-committee on the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis
  • Chair Canadian Tuberculosis Committee, Health Canada
  • Associate Editor Canadian TB Standards, 5th and 6th Editions.
  • Board of Directors Lung Association of Saskatchewan
  • Chair Governance Committee Lung Association of Saskatchewan

Clinical Interests

  • Tuberculosis

Selected Publications

  • V.H. Hoeppner, D.M. Cooper, N. Zamel, A.C. Bryan and L. Levison, 1974. Relationship Between the Elastic Recoil in Closing Volume in Smokers and Non-Smokers.  American Review of Respiratory Disease 109:81-86
  • V.H. Hoeppner. 1982. Orthocyanosis:  A Sign of Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation.   Thorax 37:952-953.
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  • V.H. Hoeppner, P.S. Jackett, J.S. Beck, T. Kardjito, J.M. Grange, J. Ivanyi. 1987 Appraisal of the Monoclonal Antibody-based Competition Test for the Serology of Tuberculosis in Indonesia.  Serodiagnosis and Immunotherapy. 1:69-77.
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  • Tian Y, Osgood N, Al-Azem, A, Hoeppner V. Evaluating the effectiveness of contact tracing on tuberculosis outcomes in Saskatchewan using agent-based modeling. Health Education and Behaviour 2013; 40 (IS): 98S-110S.