Research Areas

  • Adult Neurology/Epilepsy

About Dr. J. Tellez-Zenteno

Dr. Jose F. Tellez-Zenteno finished the medical school at the college of Medicine of the National University of Mexico (UNAM) in 1996. From 1996 to 2003 he performed his residencies in Internal Medicine and Neurology at the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition “Salvador Zubirán”. During his two residencies he performed a PhD in Clinical Epidemiology. In 2003 Dr. Tellez-Zenteno came to Canada and performed two Clinical Fellowships in epilepsy-EEG under the supervision of Dr. S. Wiebe at the epilepsy program of the London Health Sciences Center in London, Ontario (2003-05) and for two years at the Epilepsy program at the Foothills Medical Center in Calgary, Alberta (2005-2006). In 2007 he started working as an assistant professor at the division of Neurology-Department of medicine (University of Saskatchewan). He was promoted to associate professor in 2009 and then to full professor in 2013.

Some achievements during his time at the University of Saskatchewan are the following; a) Dr. Tellez-Zenteno was granted with the Bruce Schoenberg International Award in Neuroepidemiology in 2007 by the American Academy of Neurology, b) He was awarded with the Mudjadik Thyssen Mining Professorship in Neuroscience (2009-14) by the Royal University Hospital Foundation in Saskatoon, c) the publication of several classical articles in the literature of epilepsy, D) selected as an international rising star in the field of epilepsy by the journal epilepsy and behavior in 2011, e) a very active and well evaluated teacher for medical students and residents of neurology at the U of S and current director of the main neurology course for medical students (Foundations II), f) the creation of the first epilepsy brain Bank in Canada in collaboration with Dr. Moien and Dr. Hernandez, g) finally the most important achievement is the creation of an epilepsy program for complex patients with epilepsy in the province of Saskatchewan. Until 2016, he has published more than 120 peer reviewed articles and his publications have been cited 2261 times according the database of the Web of knowledge-Thompson Reuters and 3932 times according the data base of google scholar

Selected Publications

Most cited publications (>100 times each)

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