Picture of Dr. Hyun J. “June” Lim

Dr. Hyun J. “June” Lim BS, MSc (Math), MSc (Statistics), PhD Professor Community Health and Epidemiology

HSC E-wing 3222

Research Area(s)

  • Survival Analysis
  • Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials
  • Statistical Methods for Longitudinal Data
  • HIV/AIDS and TB Studies
  • Injury Studies
  • Epidemiologic Studies

Selected Publications


  • HJ  Lim, 2015. Designs and Applications of Clinical Trials. Bullsbook Publisher Inc, Seoul, Korea. (409 pages). ISBN: 978-89-89370-92-5.


Chapters in Books

  1. HJ  Lim, TR Black, 2014 (Apr). Evaluation of a safe patient handling program among health care workers. In Occupational Safety and Health. Nova Science Publisher Inc, New York, pp 43-64. ISBN: 978-1-63117-695-1
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Published Papers in Refereed Journals

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