Picture of Dr. Pat Krone

Dr. Pat Krone BSc, PhD Faculty, Anatomy & Cell Biology

About Dr. Pat Krone

Ph.D. (1990) University of Waterloo

B.Sc., (Honours) (1986) University of Waterloo

Our laboratory is interested in the expression and function of heat shock genes during embryonic development of the zebrafish, a model system which is used extensively to examine the molecular mechanisms that regulate embryonic development.

Specific projects are aimed at elucidating the roles that specific heat shock proteins play both in normal embryonic development, and in the protection of rapidly developing embryonic cells from different forms of environmental stress.

Other projects are developing a transgenic model whereby heat shock gene expression can be used as a toxicological biomarker in live fish embryos, and using synchrotron technologies to examine tissue-specific localization of metals in embryonic zebrafish.

Selected Publications

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