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Student Evaluation of M.P.T. Module Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness

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Guidelines and Procedures

  1. During Orientation Day, students will be introduced to the role they will play in providing constructive feedback to instructors and the Executive Curriculum Committee. In early September, as part of Orientation to Clinical Practice, they will be orientated on how they will be accessing the electronic evaluations through the One45 system. Students are informed and reminded about the posted evaluations through email. Evaluations include the following:  
    • A Module Evaluation will be e-posted near the end of each academic module with the anonymous results provided to the Director and the Executive Curriculum committee (ECC). Relevant feedback will be summarized in ECC minutes and actions formulated as required. Following this review, module evaluations will be provided to full time internal faculty and content-specific subcommittee chairs related to the module.
    • A Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation will be e-posted for all academic courses with primary instructors with the anonymous results provided only to the instructors and the Director.
    • A Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation will be conducted  for secondary instructors (see definition per point 7 below), as recommended by the primary instructor or the Director and the anonymous results are provided to the secondary instructor, the Director and the primary instructor (or course coordinator) if requested.
    • A Course Evaluation will be used for academic courses in which the instructor has more of a coordinating role and evaluation is needed for course content and methods. It is up to the course instructor to decide if this applies to their course. Anonymous results will be provided to the instructor and the Director.
    • Student Evaluation of Clinical Placement and Clinical Instructor will be e-posted for each placement (orientation will be done separately). Results are not anonymous. Facility managers and/or the “Centre Coordinator for Clinical Education (CCCE)” access the evaluations through One45 and then provide the evaluation feedback to the clinical instructor on that rotation. The Clinical Education Unit academic staff also has access to the evaluations. After every clinical placement, the evaluations are analyzed individually and as a whole for the cohort. Results of analysis are discussed among the clinical education team and any actions required are implemented. Students may also choose to answer a “confidential” section of the questionnaire and this information will be seen by the clinical education academic staff but will not be shared with the clinical facility.

The processes for the Teaching Effectiveness Evaluations, Course Evaluations and Module Evaluations are defined in points 2 – 8 below, the process for the Evaluations of Clinical Placement and Instructor are different, and thus are defined separately under point 9.

  1. The One45 evaluations will be activated in the week before the end of a module or placement and students are alerted by an email from the Clerical Assistant. Instructors can provide course time for students to complete the evaluations however students may also complete them independently over the four weeks the evaluation is open. Instructors are encouraged to explain the importance of Module and Teaching Effectiveness evaluations. Executive Curriculum Committee student reps will remind their classmates ahead of each evaluation period of the importance and differentiation of module and teaching effectiveness evaluations (use teaching evaluation for instructor and course specific comments).
  2. The School of Rehab Science staff or the class reps can be asked to oversee the evaluation process for in-class administration of teaching and/or module evaluations, if instructors choose to provide class time to complete them.
  3. Students will be asked to access the evaluations on-line (One45). Only in exceptional circumstances will a paper copy be provided.
  4. All evaluations are securely stored in the One45 system. Teaching Effectiveness evaluations are kept confidential and are only made available to the instructors and the Director.
  5. All students will be asked to complete teaching effectiveness evaluations for all primary instructors/coordinators, unless the Clerical Assistant has been directed to post a Course Evaluation instead.
  6. For courses with multiple instructors, a teaching evaluation will only be administered for the instructor if a) they are a full-time faculty and are either teaching 8 hours or more, or are the primary course co-ordinator, b) are a part-time lab instructor or guest lecturer teaching at least 8 hours or more, and have requested or have been approved to receive a teaching evaluation by the Director. The Clerical Assistant must be informed if any additional teaching evaluations are required beyond the primary instructor as they are not aware of who is teaching in their course.
  7. Instructors are encouraged to inform students of how feedback from previous year/years has informed ongoing course development. Acknowledgment of this feedback even if no changes are made helps to inform the students of the importance of their feedback.
  8. For the evaluations of Clinical Placements and Clinical Instructors, the on-line ONE45 evaluations are activated one week prior to the end of the placement. Clinical facilities and instructors are encouraged to provide students with time in their clinical day to complete the evaluation in the last week of their clinical placement. The ONE45 system will remain accessible to students to complete these evaluations up to 4 weeks following the end of the placement.