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Calculation of Award Averages

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Awards Based on Academic Courses
For Entrance awards, averages are to be based on admission average.

For Continuing awards, averages are to be calculated based on all M.P.T courses during the previous year’s Modules (August to July).

For awards which specify an area of study (e.g., Musculoskeletal, Neurology), calculation of the award average will be based upon the guidelines developed by the Awards Committee, in consultation with faculty.   

Awards Based on Clinical Courses
Proficiency in clinical courses will be based on the results of the clinical instructor’s final ‘Assessment of Clinical Performance’ (ACP) (2016 version) Instrument. The following may be used for determination of proficiency: successful completion of placement; rating scales with anchor descriptors; presence of documented significant concerns; clinical instructor summative recommendation of overall performance.  All Clinical Practice courses during the previous year’s modules (August to July) will be considered for each award cycle.

School of Rehabilitation Science Awards Committee Chair
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