Procedures and Guidelines

Food/drink and hygiene in classrooms and labs

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Policy in effect up until March 14, 2020. Due to Covid-19, there have been modifications, please refer to new posted policies on our website in effect until further advisement.

Food and Drink

  • Food is not permitted in any classrooms/labs unless it is a special event approved by the School of Rehabilitation Science.  Please email any requests to Brenda Pollock
  • Food may be consumed in any of the public areas outside the School’s main doors.  Please ensure you clean up the space before leaving.
  • Drinks with lids are permitted in the classrooms/labs.

Hygiene of Classroom Furnishings/Equipment

  • Treatment tables or mats must be wiped down with the cleaning product provided after each use
  • At the end of each class, pillows should be stacked neatly in the storage cabinets provided (with pillow cases removed).
  • All linen must be placed in a laundry hamper after each use.  Do not overfill the hampers. If the hamper is full – remove the filled bag and replace with a new one.
  • Regular hand washing and use of hand sanitizer is expected
  • All rooms (including storage) must be left tidy (put equipment away, push chairs under tables etc.) and ready for the next class