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Accounting for Non-Educational Time Away from Educational Program

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a) This is not automatic annual entitlement and is not intended for the purposes of accumulating time off over the length of a full program, but is to be applied to the actual rotation period.

b) Each program may define and publish more stringent caps (i.e.; revise the number downward), either for the program in general or for specific components of the program. (For example, there may be some rotations that are considered so essential or so time-constrained that no vacation would be permitted and ANY time lost to other life events would have to be made up at another time.

c) Caps do NOT include either resident-directed education/conference leave (up to 12 work days/year) or program-directed educational events away from the primary training site.

d) Caps do NOT include the “moving day” between sites.

e) Caps DO include vacation time (20 days/year); other non-educational leave, paid or unpaid, as delineated in the PAIRS Collective Bargaining Agreement and/or other policies of the University of Saskatchewan, the College of Medicine or the program; and personal study leave.

f) Caps define the maximum time that can be taken from a program or a component of a program without requiring compensatory time, and are applied across all programs.

Unless more stringent caps are defined and published by a program [see b) above], time away for shorter period rotations will be 25%. Maximum time away (caps) for rotations of four to six months is 20 days.


Single academic year 20 days vacation + 20 days other = 40 days
Actual Rotation Period Maximum Work Days Away From Rotation
4-6 months 20 days (Max)
3 months 15 days (25%)
1 month 5 days (25%)

*Note: Beyond which any time missed would have to be re-scheduled, with the total duration of the program extended if/as necessary to stay within the caps.

Revisions Approved – Postgraduate Medical Education Committee, November 13, 2015
Adopted by Postgraduate Medical Education Committee, May 20, 2009
For implementation July 1, 2009