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Procedures and Guidelines

Access to information in resident's files

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To establish the process for accessing information in Resident’s residency program and Postgraduate Medical Education Office files.

Scope of this Policy

This policy applies to all Residents in all residency training programs at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.


Any Resident wishing to access his/her file maintained by the residency training program or by the Postgraduate Medical Education Office must schedule an appointment 24 hours in advance with either the office of the Program Director or the Postgraduate Medical Education Office.

Throughout the time that a Resident has access to his/her file, the Resident shall be supervised to prevent removal or alteration of any of the contents of the file.

Prior to permitting a Resident to review a file, the Program Director or staff in the Postgraduate Medical Education Office shall remove from that file the following confidential information: letters of reference pertaining to the Resident; other evaluative or opinion material compiled solely for the purpose of determining the Resident’s suitability or qualifications for admission, employment or promotion, where the information was provided in confidence; material pertaining to any complaint, appeal, or other action currently underway, whether academic or non-academic; material subject to solicitor-client privilege, or material prepared by legal counsel for or on behalf of the University; other documents protected under the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, or similar legislation.

The Resident may be provided, upon request, with an inventory of the confidential documents in their file. The inventory shall not identify the author, or the substance of any confidential material, but shall list confidential documents only by date, general subject, purpose for which solicited, and the person by whom it was solicited or whether it was solicited.

The Program Director’s office or the Postgraduate Medical Education Office may provide a Resident with copies of the contents of that Resident’s file (except for those items listed above).

Access to information can also be requested from the University of Saskatchewan, Access and Privacy Officer by making a formal request/application. If a Resident is not satisfied with the disclosure under this policy they have the right to contact the Access and Privacy Officer and/or make a formal access to information request which will be processed by the Access and Privacy Officer. 


Instances or concerns of non-compliance with this policy should be brought to the attention of the Associate Dean, PGME.


Coordinator for Academic and Non-academic Processes, PGME Office
Phone: 306-966-6145