23rd Annual Life & Health Sciences Research Day

March 11th
Health Sciences Building, D Wing Atrium

The Life Sciences and Health Sciences Research Day originated twenty three years ago as a series of graduate student research seminars in the College of Medicine.  Throughout the years, the conference has expanded in many ways to first include additional departments in the college, then to other life sciences departments and, finally to include all campus life sciences and health sciences disciplines.

Students in masters, doctorate and post doctorate programs, dentistry and medical residents are invited to submit an abstract posters and abstracts for judging.  The abstracts provide a written research summary, while the posters are a concise visual representation whereby the students present their work by addressing the reasons for the research, the methodology employed and the resulting conclusions.  The posters are an excellent means to briefly and articulately describe research, while the opportunity for questioning by the judges provides for a significant amount of interaction between the students and faculty. 

Interaction between the students and faculty.  Changes in the conference design reflect the collaborative nature of research today, and include a move to adapt the abstract format to themes, rather than specific departments or colleges.  All students, faculty, staff and visitors are invited to join the collaborative research celebration!