Class representatives

Highlights in Medicine 2019 Class Representatives

Front row (L-R): Dr. Paul Hayes, Dr. David Keegan, Dr. George Armitage, Dr. Russ Murphy
Middle row (L-R): Dr. Patrice Pollock, Dr. Del Haug, Dr. Alan Rosenberg
Back row (L-R): Dr. Dianne Bekolay, Dr. Rob Weiler, Dr. Wendy Vogel

Missing: Dr. William Silver, Dr. Thomas Hourigan, Dr. Lorne Hanson, Dr. Lesley-Ann Crone, Dr. Colin Honish, Dr. Michael Brook, Dr. Susanne Arndt and Dr. Michael Kelly  

The Alumni Association Board would like to thank this year’s class representatives, the individuals who volunteer to help organize this event by reaching out to their classmates, planning class parties, sourcing speakers and sharing updates.

Your class representatives this year are:

1954 - Dr. William Silver
1959 - Dr. Thomas Hourigan
1964 - Dr. George Armitage, Dr. David Keegan
1969 - Dr. Dianne Bekolay, Dr. Lorne Hanson
1974 - Dr. Lesley-Ann Crone, Dr. Alan Rosenberg
1979 - Dr. Rob Weiler
1984 - Dr. Michael Brook, Dr. Susanne Arndt
1989 - Dr. Patrice Pollock, Dr. Wendy Vogel
1994 - Dr. Paul Hayes
1999 - Dr. Michael Kelly 
2004 - Dr. Colin Honish
2009 - Dr. Russ Murphy