Class representatives

Highlights in Medicine 2020 Class Representatives

Front row (L-R): Dr. Steve Sanche, Dr. Kishore Visvanathan, Dr. Jim Wood and Dr. Adam McInnes
Middle row (L-R): Dr. Alanna Danilkewich and Dr. Brian McSheffrey
Back row (L-R): Dr. Erin Hamilton, Dr. Susan Bobbitt, Dr. Susan Hayton and Dr. George Pylypchuk
Missing: Dr. Bob Cameron, Dr. Lila Rudachyk, Dr. Rick Gore-Hickman and Dr. Jocelyne Martel

The Alumni Association Board would like to thank this year’s class representatives, the individuals who volunteer to help organize this event by reaching out to their classmates, planning class parties, sourcing speakers and sharing updates.

Your class representatives this year are:

1960 – Dr. Brian McSheffrey
1965 – Dr. Jim Wood
1970 – Dr. George Pylypchuk, Dr. Bob Cameron
1975 – Dr. Alanna Danilkewich, Dr. Lila Rudachyk
1980 – Dr. Rick Gore-Hickman
1985 – Dr. Susan Hayton, Dr. Kishore Visvanathan
1990 – Dr. Jocelyne Martel, Dr. Steve Sanche 
1995 – No class representative
2000 – No class representative
2005 – No class representative
2010 – Dr. Erin Hamilton, Dr. Susan Bobbitt
2015 – Dr. Adam McInnes