As Clinical education continues, you may be considering some virtual options for teaching, rounds and doing sign-in reporting or morning rounds, etc.  You may also want to consider what non-emergency rounds could be cancelled at this time.  Other learning opportunities can also be encouraged such as through YouTube, other video sites, Osmosis, etc. 

Faculty Development is here to help and support transitioning to online formats. 

We want to support your team function and program delivery at the same time as encouraging social distancing, support learning for anyone at home for self monitoring/isolation and to promote collegial supportive teams when we may not be able to get together as in the past.  

The FD office in the College of Medicine has gathered these resources for you below. There is also a USask site to support faculty in moving to remote delivery, highlighting the tools available and sites for support available (GMCTL, DEU and ICT at this point), etc.  

We are encouraging you to move teaching activities online.  We also want to link you to resources that may be helpful to support residents and medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Distance Learning

The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning recommendations and contact information can be found here

Information to assist USask instructors for setting up remote courses can be found here

What is Remote Instruction?

  • Unlike online instruction, remote instruction is not a carefully designed learning experience. Remote instruction should be as simple as possible (like a Word document or narrated PowerPoint) and require as few technical skill and as little bandwidth as possible. 

Teaching Remotely:

Working Remotely:

IT Support

Training Opportunities:

  • Training Services has a large number of training opportunities available. Whether attending in person or remotely, they have numerous training sessions for Zoom, Panopto, Remote Readiness, and Canvas sessions happening now. They strongly encourage individuals to attend (whether in-person or remotely) if possible.

How to Access IT Support Services:

  • Staff and faculty are strongly encouraged to visit the IT Portal to search their Knowledge Base or to create a support ticket. 
  • Access the CoM IT website here
  • You can also contact IT Support at

View the Faculty Development IT Short Snappers.  IT Short Snappers are previously recorded FD Sessions that include topics such as Panopto, TopHat, etc.


  • Videoconference can be set up through the Health Region or the College of Medicine depending on your location.
  • With video conference you can see everyone in the room.  You can also link to a specific room
  • To request videoconference through the College of medicine, you will require an NSID.  To obtain an NSID, submit a request to
  • Note: Zoom may be preferred if you will be sharing documents or if your attendees are spread out over multiple sites (including individuals in their own offices)

MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that helps your team stay organized and have conversations—all in one place.  USask staff and faculty were initially provided access to the chat, audio and video calling features of Teams as an introduction to the service and to facilitate working remotely.  

USask faculty and staff have access to new features that allow them to create folders for file sharing within their team, set up private conversation channels, schedule channel meetings, and collaborate with files right in their team.

USask also has a a selection of custom digital backgrounds for MS Teams.  View and download here

To schedule a training session, and for more information on MS Teams, visit the USask MS Teams information page here 


USask implemented Zoom in 2021.  Training Services has a large number of training opportunities available. If you have quesitons, staff and faculty are strongly encouraged to visit the IT Portal to search their Knowledge Base or to create a support ticket. 

Teaching with Technology

The Presentation Itself

  • Use Set, Body, Closure - see the online TIPS manual for more information (pages 18-27)
  • Use the College of Medicine template for your PowerPoint slides, which includes a Conflict of Interest slide and helpful presentation tips

Presentation Skills: 

  • Don’t read your slides 
  • Know how to share your slides on Zoom
  • Use Zoom to create whiteboards that help you share your ideas visually in a meeting

Facilitation Skills: 

  • Be early in order to avoid delayed starts 
  • Use the desktop version of Zoom (rather than using URL in browser)
  • Stay focused – keep visual materials simple 
  • In advance of the meeting, state what you need to in order to ensure there is the basic knowledge of the technology
  • Set the expectations for the meeting early – how to use the technology, how to participate, etc.

If you have problems, contact

Digital Tools

View recorded sessions of USask Med Teach Lunch & Learn sessions here (NSID required).  These sessions are focused on the digital tools that support active engagement, universal design for learning, creativity and innovation in teaching in learning and include Padlet, Poll Everywhere, Kahoot and Mural.

Other Platforms to Consider

PGME Resources

  • #MedEd Chat: Pandemic Impact on GME transcipts and links can be found here

UGME Resources

UGME has collated these electronic resources (including some policy type information) which are in our various current syllabi.  At the top of the list are some of the recent COVID-19 related materials being shared followed by some of the additional broader resources.  It is encouraging to see the breadth of options to support learning which have already been shared with our students.  Many thanks to those involved for creating this list and making it available.

University of Minnesota: View this video on using Zoom to train standardized patients and implement formative OSCE's.  They also have a video on Interprofessional Online Simulation

Other online resources for students (by subscription) that can supplement courses:

Team Based Learning Resources

View this collection of Team-Based Learning resources from InteDashboard - Empowering Team-Based Learning with Technology

Other External Resources




Collection of resources on clinical teaching and learning experiences without physical patient contact. View here

Academica Forum

Teaching Online for the First Time. View here

Alliance for Clinical Education

MedEd Chat Transcripts.  View here

American College of Physicians

Telehealth Resources. View here

American Medical Association

A series of COVID-19 articles and resources on medical education.  View here


Pearls for Writing a Virtual Care Field Note. View here

Faculty Focus

Eight steps for a smoother transition to online teaching.  View here

Harvard Macy - Derek BoK Center for Teaching and Learning

Resources for face to face delivery to an online environment. View here

#MedEdPearls: Out of Our Comfort Zone and Into the Fire: Ideas for Engaging Students Virtually.  View here


Teaching Remotely in Response to COVID-19: 10 tips to improve your digital classroom. View here

Learning Scientists

Online Teaching and Learning Resources for teachers, students, and parents. View here

Six Strategies for Effective Distance Learning: A Summary for Teachers.  View here

#MedEdChat Transcript

Online Medical School During Health Crisis. View here


Article on the development and evaluation of a web-based dermatology teaching tool for pre-clinical medical students (download the appendices for cases, images & assessments).  View here


Twelve tips for rapidly migrating to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.  View here

Online MedEd

Guide to digital clerkships.  View here

Osmosis Pulse

Support for distance learning and e-learning. View here

Pallium Canada

Palliative Care self-directred modules (free until August 31, 2020).  View here


A Collaborative effort of Canadian medical schools and their faculty development programs can be found at: PIVOT MedEd (Partners in Virtual and Online Teaching in Medical Education). View here


If you use Prezi, here are their Top 10 tips for getting started with Prezi Video in your online classroom.  View here

Queens University

Resources for remote teaching. View here

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Virtual Teaching Resources - New eSupport Email Series.  The Royal College will be sharing a series of resources via email that can be used to support safe resident learning.


Medical Education teaching resources in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. View here

Training Officers Consortium

A crash course on converting to the virtual classroom.  View here


Teresa Chan @ McMaster. View here

Quillen CoM

Dr. Caroline Abercrombie at the James H. Quillen College of Medicine has compiled a list of online educational resources & tips.   View here 

University of Central Florida

Dr. Atsusi '2c' Hirumi from the University of Central Florida has written an article on lessons learned and resources for facilitating online learning. View here

UICOM Faculty Resources

Variety of resources for teaching online.


LearnDerm by visualdx offers interactive dermatology self-study modules.  View here