Tips for Success

The following are some insights from previous trainees*

Form a team - Consider working in pairs or small groups on each unit, in order to assist with timely progress through the units. 

Keep tabs of your learning activities - Keep careful track of your reviewed resources and in particular any courses, lectures, podcasts or webcasts you attend, as these learning activities count towards the mandatory hours required for each unit. Check out this planning and tracking tool

Use the 'Task Lists' - These will help guide you through required unit activities.  You can find the lists on each Units page or under the 'Complete Set of Documents' page.

Look ahead - Have a look ahead at unit requirements for those beyond Foundations.  Some of the activities or learning sessions you attend can count towards other units.  In other words, some of the unit activities can occur simultaneously or in close sequence.

Ask for help (the earlier the better)!  - This program can feel daunting at times.  Don't be afraid to reach out to Rob or any of the Unit Coordinators for assistance!

Upload as you go!  Once you have your Mainport set up, make sure to start uploading your resources as you go.

*If you are a current trainee and would like to add to this document, please email Rob Woods;