Starting & Finishing a Unit

Once you are finished the modules for Foundations, you will head into the other core and elective units.  In order to keep the program informed and help us better help you, please see the below 'Check in' and 'Check Out' system designed by McMaster University CE Program. 


Checking In to a Unit

Although the diagram is complex, the process is quite simple:

  1. When you decide to start a block, fill out the "Check In" form and email it to our Program Coordinator and the relevant Faculty Lead.
    • If you have a supervisor set already, you can also cc them for their information.
    • If you haven't decided your supervisor yet, then this form will help the Faculty Lead find you one!
  2. Once you do this, the Faculty Lead and Program Coordinator will update your information with the program.
  3. You and your unit supervisor will then work on this unit. 

Checking Out of a Unit

When you are done the unit, you will need to ensure the following are done:

  1. When you are done, your unit supervisor needs to fill out one form:
    • the relevant Unit Completion form and send to the Program Administrator 
    • NB: Remember, they need access to your unit reflections in order to complete this form, so don't forget to send these to them!
  2. You will also need to complete two forms:
    • The Unit Supervisor Evaluation form (to be emailed to you by the Program Administrator)
    • "Check Out" form to be emailed to the Faculty Lead & Program Administrator 
  3. Once you do this, the Faculty Lead and Program Administrator will update your information with the program.
  4. Repeat the check-in process for your next unit.