Unit Lead: Brent Thoma

Unit Supervisors: Greg Malin, Krista Trinder & Kalyani Premkumar

This unit focuses on competencies the Clinician Educator (CE) will need in order to plan and undertake education scholarship. Education scholarship encompasses:

A line of inquiry, new perspective, innovation, or new application in education that is:

  • based on theoretical frameworks, current evidence, or best practice
  • publicly disseminated for peer review
  • archived for future reference, so it can subsequently developed

Education scholarship can include education research (e.g., discovery) as well as the integration, application, and translation of education concepts and innovations.

Prerequisites:  Foundations

Depending on the project the candidate may also be required to complete other units.

Competencies Addressed in this Unit

A CE must be able to:

  • Develop and describe his or her personal leadership philosophy
  • Lead a team toward the completion of an education project

Key Documents


1.  Define education scholarship, by

  • describing the range of activities that could be included under the umbrella of education scholarship
  • applying Glassick’s six standards for evaluating scholarly work

2.  Design, plan, and execute a scholarly project in medical education, by

  • defining a research question and/or project purpose
  • conducting a literature search and identifying the theoretical foundation(s) and conceptual framework(s) that inform the question, innovation, program, or curriculum 
  • writing a protocol, i.e., describing a study and/or project design, including methodology or a framework to guide decision-making during the course of the project
  • identifying resources, including collaborators, mentors, and funding opportunities
  • completing the planned project
  • disseminating the findings of the research

3.  Describe the ethics approval process by

  • outlining the key requirements for ethics approval from a relevant institutional ethics review committee or board


  • Please refer to the Task List for the Educational Scholarship Unit for a complete listing of the summative and formative assessments required for this unit
  • Final Unit Report (to be filled by unit supervisor)

Reading Lists

(Note: The optional articles relate to particular types of research or scholarship and should definitely be read if they are consistent with the work that the learner is doing.)

You can also check-out hard copies of resources the USask Faculty Development Library has available.  Visit them here.  For more information or to request a book, please contact 

We do our best to keep our reading lists up to date, however some articles may not always be relevant or accessible without permissions.  If you find an article that is unavailable, please let your supervisor know.  Please also let your supervisor know if you have suggestions for other resources.