Practice Eligibility Route

The Specialty Committee of our AFC has RECENTLY REVISED the terms of reference & procedure for our CE diploma Practice Eligible Route. Below there are two options for how you can achieve your PER during the transition period.
See below for the instructions:

1. NEW ROUTE: The streamlined process for achieving your PER.
2. OLD ROUTE: For those who have previously already started the process of the PER certification.


The Royal College’s new Practice Eligibility Route for the Area of Focused Competence in Clinician Educator is now accepting applications. This route is available to those who have practice experience in an AFC but have not completed a formal accredited AFC training program.

This route is designed to have that experience recognized and approved by the AFC committee and, if successful, a diploma will be conferred on the applicant. The application fee is $1,950.

An AFC (Diploma) does not prepare a physician for practice, but rather recognizes an area of supplemental or advanced training.

Physicians who have successfully completed all the requirements and who annually maintain their status as a Diplomate of the Royal College receive an added qualification known as a Diploma of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, or DRCPSC.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates applying to this route should be established educators with a track record of specialization in education leadership, scholarship, or simulation.

Candidates must be practicing in the CE domain for at least 36 months. This may include time spent as a senior trainee or clinical fellow when they engaged in structured clinical teaching of junior trainees.

Please submit a completed application form to or inquire to the same email address if you have any questions. Please inquire if you would like to receive the application form in French.


For clinicians who have done substantive prior work in medical or health professions education, it is possible for you to receive your CE diploma via a Practice Eligibility Route (PER).  The PER requires submission of a portfolio demonstrating your past performance and mirrors the requirements of all the units in the CE diploma training program.

  • Generic information from the Royal College about Practice Eligibility Route
  • Official program specific information about the CE AFC Practice Eligibility Portfolio Requirements.
  • You should also note that there is a difference in the fees.  For the PER, credentialing costs $1800. See the official PER website for further information. 
  • Form for applying for the PER portfolio access for the Clinician Educator AFC (Fillable | Non-Fillable). You must download, fill out, and send this form along with your CV into in order to have a PER portfolio created for you in your Mainport tabs.