Graduate Program in Health Professions Education

Be a lifelong Learner. Be a Competent Educator. Be a Leader.

The Health Professions Education is a new field of specialization offered through the Department of Educational Administration, College of Education, in collaboration with Health Professional Colleges: Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy & Nutrition, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Kinesiology and Schools of Public Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Program Details

The completion of the program can be tailored and fit to your interests and needs. You can do either one certificate or two certificates. If you complete two certificates and additional research courses, you will qualify for the Masters.

This online program is for health professionals looking to improve teaching practices, leadership skills, and curriculum design. The MEd is designed in such a way that it enables those working full-time to pursue course work.

There is the option of completing one or both of two four-course certificates as stand-alone graduate program, or ladder the certificates into the Master of Education in Health Professions Education graduate degree program - receiving credit for all three. In order to obtain the degree, the two certificates (8 mandatory courses in total) have to be completed along with two other courses relating to research. 

The two certificates are:

  • Graduate Certificate in Quality Teaching in Health Professions Education
  • Graduate Certificate in Improving Teaching and Learning in Health Professions Education (launching fall 2021)

For more information see below and visit the CoE site:

Practising health professionals or anyone with a four-year degree, or equivalent, from a recognized college or university can apply for admission into the program. The program is going to be launched in September, 2020. Start planning right now and register before the July 1 deadline.


Graduate Certificate in Quality Teaching in Health Professions Education

This program will build competency in instructional teaching methods including the effective use of technology, experiential learning, simulations, small and large group teaching, clinical teaching, teaching in rounds, at the bed-side, and other work-based environments, effecting student assessment and applying best practices in effective inter and intra-professional teams and collaborations in local contexts. The required courses are:

  • EADM 894.3: Laboratory in Educational Administration
  • ECUR 836.3: Teaching Methodologies Facilitating Learning Through Teaching
  • ECUR 837.3: Technology and Simulation in Teaching and Learning
  • ECUR 838.3: Learner Assessment

Registration for this Certificate is open until January 2020:


Graduate Certificate in Improving Teaching and Learning in Health Professions Education

The program will build competency in education program evaluation, leading for learning in the health professions, and organizational development and renewal in educational settings. It will build knowledge and skills for graduates to take on a variety of leadership, management, or organizational roles in educational development within students' institutions. 

A minimum of 12 credit units, including:

  • EADM 816.3 Leadership for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
  • EADM 829.3 Organizational Renewal in Educational Systems and Settings
  • ECUR 809.3 Models and Methods for Evaluation of Educational Programs
  • ECUR 839.3 Program Curriculum and Course Design Development

This certificate will be launched in 2021.



Both certificates will recognize prior learning and continuous professional development activities completed in U of S or other educational institutions or workplace settings (up to 6 credits). 

For more information on the Masters Program go to:


Track Your Thinking


Thinking about your thinking –- click on the image above to download and use this template to record  “process notes” to reflect on what you want to use or take away from this page.  This can be similar to writing a progress note on patient care.  Download this pdf and keep it as a record.  Write out your comments on what you are learning and come back to this from time to time to see how your thoughts and feelings are changing.  Review what you have written and re-comment on how you are applying what you are learning to your day to day practice.


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