Info for New Trainees

Program Curriculum

The program curriculum for the CE program at the University of Saskatchewan is shaped by the Royal College requirements for the program.  As the diploma is designed for participation and completion concurrent with active clinical practice, the pace of completion is driven by the participant, along with program direction.  It is anticipated that most candidates will complete the program within a 12-18 month time frame.  The competency-based design of the AFC program allows candidates to finish the program earlier, as long as they successfully complete the unit tasks, assignments and portfolio activities.  Depending on candidate's tailored circumstances, some units may be completed concurrently.  Much of the program activity and learning is self-directed, with oversight by unit supervisors. 

Key features of the program:

  • Practical training in medical education
  • Application of theories to education projects they are already involved in
  • Certification by the Royal College (credential=DRCPSC)
  • Modular design, allowing the candidate to complete the diploma in 12-18 months, while working full time
  • One-on-one involvement with faculty supervisors that fits the schedule for both (no in class work)

Official Requirements: