Orientation for New Fellows

  1. Set up your MAINPORT
    • Fill out an application for access to e-Diploma
    • For some tips on how to use this, check out the presentation slides by Dr. Patrick Kennedy from a 2017 Orientation session.

  2. Download and install the Slack App on your personal device and computer so we can use this to communicate and share.  You CAN use a web browser in a pinch, but the app is a much more pleasant interface.  If you have never used Slack before, never fear.  Here is a useful video to orient you to the app and the environment (ignore the fact it is made for another group). 

  3. Download and install 'ZOOM' on your personal device and computer.  Zoom is the leader in video communications which features audio conferencing, collaboration, chat and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones and room systems. 

  4. Subscribe to the ICE blog 

  5. Subscribe to the KeyLIME Podcast (Access archives here)

  6. Add T-TIME (Timely Topics in Medical Education) dates to your calendar and plan to attend.  This is our core curriculum and your opportunity to connect with faculty and other fellows.

  7. Each individual (or each small group) needs to identify a unit supervisor for each unit.  Please look at the list of faculty for each unit, select who you think will best be able to help you and contact them with some meeting times.  Use the Information for Supervisors Section of this site to assist with informing your potential supervisor about the role and CE program.  Inform the AFC director (Dr. Woods) of your supervisor, or contact the designated Faculty Leads if you need assistance in selecting one.

  8. Register for the Foundations 1 self-study component
    • Register for the online modules: Candidates need to register for the self-study online component of this unit by send a request to: ppi@royalcollege.ca
      • This introductory portion of Unit 1 is mandatory before progressing though any other unit material.  In your email, indicate that you require access to the online component of the Clinical Educator Diploma course.  You will be sent a follow-up email once your registration is complete, with further instructions to access the learning environment.  Indicate your preference for English or French.

  9. Thereafter, each unit should be completed in a maximum 6-month time frame per unit.  At the end of each unit you will need to update your e-Diploma portfolio.  Click here to see a blank sample portfolio.

  10. Please check our homepage regularly to find out about faculty development offerings that can help you with your units, and count towards the formal learning requirements of each unit.