Teaching & Learning

Unit Lead: Rob Woods & Sean Polreis

Unit Supervisors: Jonathan Dean, Athena McConnell, Alia Teja & Meredith McKague

This unit focuses on competencies the Clinician Educator needs in order to be an effective teacher in multiple contexts in a manner appropriate to a range of learners, settings, and teaching media. The unit places emphasis on evidence-based teaching and current best practices to maximize engagement and learning.

The Foundations Unit is a co-requisite for this unit.

Competencies Addressed in this Unit

The CE must be able to:

  1. Teach effectively using different techniques within different contexts
  2. Provide effective feedback

Key Documents


1. Teach effectively using at least three different instructional methods for different contexts (according to the candidate’s educational settings)

  • clinical-based teaching
  • large-group teaching
  • workshop teaching
  • small-group teaching
  • one-on-one teaching
  • procedural skills teaching
  • e‐learning
  • other as appropriate

The candidate should be able to:

  • describe the indications, advantages, and disadvantages of each selected method within the relevant educational contexts
  • describe the theory or evidence for best practices relating to each method
  • regularly incorporate best practices into his or her teaching
  • discuss the common pitfalls of each selected method
  • demonstrate how to incorporate the CanMEDS framework within his or her teaching
  • use effective questioning techniques to foster learner engagement and effective learning
  • develop a teaching plan for a planned learning activity

2.  Demonstrate a reflective education practice, by

  • describing the principles and importance of reflective practice
  • applying the principles of reflective practice in his or teaching

3. Demonstrate awareness of faculty development issues by

  • describing the unique challenges faced by teaching colleagues
  • demonstrating the ability to skillfully facilitate groups of peers

4. Demonstrate comprehension of the principles of feedback, by

  • describing the principles of good feedback
  • incorporating best practices in feedback, including giving feedback in challenging settings (e.g., a learner in difficulty)


Please refer to the Task List for the Teaching & Learning Unit for a complete listing of the summative and formative assessments required for this unit.  You will also need to collect a number of the following evaluations of your teaching to complete this unit's portfolio assessment. 

Final Unit Report (to be filled in by Unit Supervisor)

Reading Lists

Clinical teaching

Medical Journal of Australia “Teaching on the run” series



Faculty Development

Clinical Teaching


Online resources

You can also check-out hard copies of resources the USask Faculty Development Library has available.  Visit them here.  For more information or to request a book, please contact medicinefaculty.development@usask.ca 

We do our best to keep our reading lists up to date, however some articles may not always be relevant or accessible without permissions.  If you find an article that is unavailable, please let your supervisor know.  Please also let your supervisor know if you have suggestions for other resources.