FD highly recommends all faculty take the course on Indigenous Wellness.  This course is offered regularly and you can register though CME.

We also recommend you take the FD workshop on Unconscious Bias.  Check in Events for details.

USask Indigenization links:

Other general information on Indigenous Health resources are available at

AFMC has a manual of core competencies for UG teaching which is being updated - and other information at their site . 

The Indigenous Physicians of Canada link is

The Truth and Reconciliation call to action report might serve as a guide to ensure we have resources listed to help address those health recommendations that have faculty development implications.

A key recent article in the Medical Education Literature describing indigenous issues relevant to teaching in medicine can be found here.  You can access the entire article by going through the university library.


  • Touch down space available in the FD office; see our list of resources
  • Remediation resources
  • Peer observation and feedback (Dr. Greg Malin)
  • Med Ed Research and scholarship /SoTL opportunities ( go to the research tab for more information)
  • Medical Education Conference listings
  • Mainpro and MOC applications
PeeR Observation and Mentorship Program for Teaching in MEDicine (PROMPT-MED)

 The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for faculty to grow their skillset in teaching through peer observation.  Depending on the  goals of the individual faculty member, this flexible program may be a one-time consultation with direct observation of teaching and feedback, or it may be a more long-term mentorship relationship with on-going coaching and development.  Peer observation can also be tailored depending on the predominant type of teaching the faculty member does (e.g. clinical, small group with facilitation, or large group/classroom).  The program will match the faculty member with a peer who has the appropriate teaching experience for the teaching context.  The feedback can used by the faculty member strictly for personal development of teaching, or it can be used for professional development (i.e., promotion and tenure).  Regardless of the context, the goal is provide constructive,  practical, and evidence-based feedback in a safe and supportive environment.  If you are interested in this program, please contact Dr. Greg Malin in the College of Medicine.



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