Why is this important?
There is a huge need for physician leadership in the university, in rural communities and within the health care system. Taking on a leadership role can be invigorating and exciting but also overwhelming if you do not have the basic training to assist you in your role. There is a huge body of literature and opportunities to develop as a leader.

Need help?
You can discuss this with your Department Head, contact the SMA for the Physician Leadership Institute courses in your area and talk to a mentor. You can also look at a graduate program or explore the MBA through the Edwards School of Business in SK.

Want to learn more?
Contact FD to learn about CoM and USask programs. Visit the SMA and CMA site as well.

How can I build on this?
If you have taken some leadership courses and want to do more, there are many options available including Harvard Macy Courses that are supported to help you grow and develop as an effective leader in your role.