Why is this important?
Wellness is a priority area in the CoM strategic plan particularly related to education. Wellness initiatives exist in UGME, PGME and CME. Provincial and national medical organizations are paying more and more attention to the issues of physician health recognizing the huge impact this has in our education institutions and in our clinical environments.

Need help?
If you need help with this website or our content, please contact the FD office at medicinefaculty.development@usask.ca. If you need help for personal wellness issues, we recommend you get a family physician and can contact the SMA Physician Health program: https://sma.sk.ca/programs/44/physician-health-program.html

Want to learn more?
This is an amazing area with lots going on in each province and nationally. A place to start might be to attend the Canadian Physician Health Conference. Visit the CMA physician wellness page at https://www.cma.ca/physician-health-and-wellness.

How can I build on this?
Find out what is going on in your discipline or training program. Connect with others who are working in this area. Enjoy your involvement in healthy behaviours!