Program Overview

This year, Biomedical Summer Research Projects are a maximum of 10 weeks in length and run over the summer months (May-August) exclusively. Depending on the quality of applications, the OVDR expects to fund 15–18 projects for the summer of 2018. 

These awards are open to all undergraduate students enrolled in the Biomedical Sciences programs at the University of Saskatchewan. Applicants with a GPA in their last 60 credit units of 80% or higher are preferred; however, students with a GPA of less than 80% may still be eligible for these awards.  

Supervisors must be faculty in the College of Medicine for the duration of the award period.

Only one application will be accepted from any eligible student per year.

Supervisors may submit more than one application; however, each project must have a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end. Projects may be intertwined, but they cannot be dependent on each other because there is no guarantee that all projects will be funded.

Students who have an idea for a project or an interest in a particular area are encouraged to approach faculty with their ideas. Once they find a faculty member willing to work with them, the two can complete an application for submission.  

Please be aware that the intention of the application is primarily to assess the student.  The application should be written principally by the student with the faculty member assisting as necessary.  



December 2017

Memo sent to faculty and students

Release of Guidelines and Application form

March 15, 2018 @ 4:30 pm

Application Deadline

Early April 2018

Award letters sent out to successful recipients

May 1, 2018

Funding begins

June/July, 2018 

Mid-point evaluation due (start date of May 1st due June 18th, start date of June 1st due July 23rd)*

August 31, 2018

All projects must be completed

September 2018

Final Report and final evaluation due

November 2018

Poster day

Each application will be assessed by at least two qualified adjudicators. Adjudicators will be selected on a voluntary basis and will be College of Medicine faculty (mostly former summer student research project supervisors). In cases of high deviation between the adjudicators, the Vice-Dean will make the final decision on the score for that particular application.

Adjudicators will be qualified individuals; however, they cannot be experts in every field. For that reason, applicants must ensure they write their applications in a manner that can be understood by a non-expert adjudicator.

Please see the complete grading guide below. The adjudicators will use this guide to assist them with their scoring.


Written Report
All grant recipients must submit an electronic report to the OVDR by September 30, 2018. Failure to submit a report will exclude you from being eligible to apply for any future funding from the OVDR. A report template will be sent out to individuals awarded Biomedical Projects.

Mid-Point and Final Evaluation
All grant recipients must submit a mid-point and final evaluation to the OVDR.  A template will be sent out to individuals awarded Biomedical Projects.

Poster Presentation
Successful applicants will be required to participate in the Fall Poster Day. Details regarding the location and time of the research day will be sent out in the summer.

Fill out the application form posted below and submit it by email by the application deadline.

Any research or study conducted at University facilities, or undertaken by persons connected to the University, involving human subjects, animals or biohazardous materials must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate University of Saskatchewan Research Ethics Board (REB) or Committee. How Do I Get Ethics Approval will provide you with the step-by-step guide on how to obtain ethics approval for research involving humans and the RSEO Animal REB Handout will explain how to obtain ethics approval for research involving animals.

More information can be found at the UofS Research Services and Ethics Office website

Obtaining research ethics approval is the responsibility of the Supervisor and should be in place prior to the project commencing.  

Students who receive Biomedical Projects are paid as employees and are, therefore, expected to work 40 hours per week. For more information on Human Resources standards for student employment including rates of pay and vacation time, please see the Student Rates here:

Also, see full student rates of pay document here.  Please note, the rates listed may vary slightly when the May 2018 rates are released.

In response to feedback, we have created a Google Drive containing resources for students.  Please follow this link:


If you have any questions or concerns about the Biomedical Projects, please contact