Alumni Association Membership

College of Medicine alumni are invited to become members in the College of Medicine Alumni Association, and join a proud network of graduates around the world that share a common history and dedication to giving back. Member representation spans a wide spectrum including young physicians, established professionals and retirees. Membership provides alumni with heightened opportunities to unite with classmates, connect to USask College of Medicine and provide critical support for medical students.

Join or Renew Membership

Becoming a member of the Alumni Association is easy. You can purchase your membership online through the link below.

Membership dues

Annual: $100 (valid January 1 to December 31)
Lifetime: $750

Impact of Membership on Students

Meet Sehjal
“With your support, we as medical students are empowered to nimbly address needs and gaps, improve the experiences of medical students, and by extension, the health of our communities. Your support this year has been appreciated more than ever by students and will continue to be as we continue to navigate our world as it recovers from COVID-19.” 
Sehjal Bhargava (Class of 2022)

Meet Dmitry
Dmitry Neymark
"This past year has been incredibly challenging for everyone's wellness. But with the support of the Alumni Association, the SMSS wellness committee has managed to run several College of Medicine initiatives - student support packages, clerkship lounge food initiative, and the virtual wellness locker for pre-clerks. We hope that such initiatives make this difficult year a little bit easier for everyone."
Dmitry Neymark (Class of 2023)

Meet Abd-Al-Wahab
Abd-Al-Wahab Khawaja
"The biggest event that our Global Health Committee hosts is the annual Global Health Conference. Funding from the College and Alumni Association is invaluable to all the work that we do. They have funded our conference in past years, and we know we can count on their continued support in the years to come."
Abd-Al-Wahab Khawaja (Class of 2023)

2022-23 Board of Directors

Dr. Terry Zlipko (MD'74) 
Dr. Terry ZlipkoDr. Terry Zlipko is a devoted primary care physician currently practicing at the Saskatoon City Hospital in Saskatoon. Prior to assuming his current role, Dr. Zlipko held numerous high-level positions including Chief of Staff at La Ronge Hospital, Chief of Staff at Holy Family Hospital in Prince Albert, and Medical Department Head of Emergency Medicine for the Saskatoon Health Region. He was recently recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons for 40 years of service and longstanding commitment to medicine in Saskatchewan. 

Dr. Zlipko joined the College of Medicine Alumni Association in 2020 and currently serves as President.  He believes strongly in preserving the honoured heritage of the College of Medicine and is passionate about supporting medical students and young physicians. To him, all College of Medicine alumni have a role to play in supporting the next generation of medical doctors and to pay forward the opportunities that were bestowed upon them. 

Dr. Wendy Vogel (MD'89)
wendy-vogel-web.jpgDr. Wendy Vogel joined the Alumni Association Board of Directors in 2021, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience. Dr. Vogel graduated from the College of Medicine in 1989 and has been a lifetime member of the Alumni Association since 2014. She practiced medicine in rural Kansas (USA) between 1999-2006, before returning to Canada.  Since that time, she has been employed as a Critical Care Associate at the Saskatoon City Hospital and currently serves as the Code and Outreach/Rapid Response Team Leader. She rounds out her schedule working part-time at a local medspa practice. 

Dr. Vogel joined the board with a desire to give back. She believes that alumni have an important role to play in the greater College of Medicine community. She previously served as a representative for the Class of 1989, as well as Scientific Chair for Highlights in Medicine. Dr. Vogel is looking forward to supporting fellow alumni and the College of Medicine through her role as Vice-President of the Alumni Association.

Dr. Stella Blackshaw
Dr. Stella BlackshawDr. Stella Blackshaw joined the College of Medicine in 1985, completing her residency before accepting a faculty position in the Department of Psychiatry. The College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan quickly became her adopted home institution, working closely with medical students, and retaining a clinical practice at the Student Health Centre. During her career, Dr. Blackshaw focused her teaching and scholarly research on eating disorders, psychotherapy, gender issues in mental health and the need for professional boundaries. She eventually became Director of the Psychiatry Residency Program, a position she held for 10 years. Dr. Blackshaw officially retired in 2014 but maintains Emerita Professor status in the Department of Psychiatry.

Despite not receiving her Doctor of Medicine from the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Blackshaw has a strong sense of commitment and loyalty to the college, students and alumni. She believes that alumni engagement, whether that be reunions or social activities, is critical in developing collegiality amongst the alumni community. Moving forward, she aspires to increase participation of the medical graduates from residency programs into alumni engagement endeavours.   

Dr. Craig Hubbard (MD'68)
Director and Past President
Dr. Craig HubbardDr. Craig Hubbard, now retired, spent much of his professional career in General Surgery in Regina. Despite a long and successful medical practice, Dr. Craig Hubbard knew his opportunity to give back had only just begun. Dr. Hubbard joined the College of Medicine Alumni Association with the goal of reuniting alumni with each other and with their alma mater. He recently completed a term as President of the Alumni Association and transitioned into a supportive role, particularly for the recruitment of class reunion representatives.    

In addition to providing unwavering support for the Alumni Association, Dr. Hubbard has also served on a multitude of other hospital, collegial and professional committees. He is especially proud of having served as President of the Saskatchewan Medical Association, of which he has many fond memories. Although Dr. Hubbard is now fully retired from the medical profession, he still finds time to hone his surgical skills while carving and painting artificial skulls with the Prairie River Artists.   

Dr. Karen Shaw (MD'83)
Dr. Karen ShawDr. Karen Shaw is a leading medical administrator in the province, currently serving as the Registrar and CEO for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan. Although trained as a general practitioner, Dr. Shaw left clinical practice to pursue a career in medical regulation, allowing her to focus on physician health, wellness and competency. She sits on a number of prominent Canadian and provincial boards including the College of Physicians and Surgeons Council, Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada, Medical Council of Canada, Medical Benevolent Society, the CFPC Examination Board and the YWCA. In 2020, Dr. Shaw was awarded the Dr. Chris Carruthers Excellence in Medical Leadership Award (Canadian Society of Physician Leaders) and the Dr. Louis Levasseur Distinguished Service Award (Medical Council of Canada). 

Dr. Shaw is a proud two-time alumna of the University of Saskatchewan, receiving her Bachelor of Science in 1978 and her Doctor of Medicine in 1983. She believes that a strong and diverse College of Medicine is critical in the training of high-quality physicians, capable of providing exceptional care for the people of Saskatchewan. 

Dr. Donna Skwarchuk (MD'93)
Dr. Donna Skwarchuk joined the Alumni Association board in 2017, after a positive experience as a class representative for the Highlights in Medicine Conference and Reunion. She has a strong sense of commitment to the alumni community and credits her world-class education and training to the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. During medical school and post-graduation, Dr. Skwarchuk has been eager to form long-lasting relationships with colleagues, residents and students. She believes in the responsibility that alumni hold in passing along their knowledge and experience to the next generation of physicians, for the betterment of all.      

Dr. Skwarchuk has a passion for providing care to newborns. She serves on a number of committees including the Maternal/Child Operations Board, the Area Division Leads Committee, Pandemic Planning (Lead) for Newborn Care and the Jaundice Working Group. Dr. Skwarchuk previously served as the Medical Director of Newborn Care at the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan. Although her professional career in medicine consumes most of her time and energy, she also loves to bake, take photos and travel.

Dr. Preston Smith
Dean, College of Medicine
Dr. Preston SmithDr. Preston Smith became the Dean of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan on July 1, 2014. Prior to that, he spent five years as the senior associate dean of education at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Medicine, a role that encompassed a range of medical education portfolios including undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development, as well as medical education, research and scholarship.

He is a highly regarded medical administrator, having served as chief of family medicine and chief of medical staff and vice-president, medicine for the South-East Regional Health Authority in Nova Scotia, where he was responsible for physician services and risk management. He is recognized for his strengths in developing relationships, collaboration, consensus building and change management, and has a lifelong excitement about innovation and change. 

Dr. Smith brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the College of Medicine Alumni Association board; and is an invaluable resource for the board in realizing its strategic goals. His relentless support for the College of Medicine’s alumni, through his engagement with the board, is critical to its success. 

Dr. Palak Suryavanshi (MD’19)
Dr. Palak Suryavanshi Dr. Palak Suryavanshi graduated from the College of Medicine in 2019 and is a PGY-3 Otolaryngology resident in London, Ontario. Prior to pursuing a medical degree, Dr. Suryavanshi completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2013, also at the University of Saskatchewan.

As a medical student and resident, she has been actively involved in leading positive change through volunteerism. Dr. Suryavanshi has held positions at a number of organizations including the Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Council on Aging, Canadian Light Source, Resident Doctors of Canada, Youth Advisory Council, and the Canadian Society of Otolaryngology.  

During medical school, Dr. Suryavanshi discovered her passion for medical education. In 2017 she was one of the many students who played a role in helping the College of Medicine receive full accreditation. Then in 2020, she was a resident surveyor for the accreditation process at the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto.  

Dr. Suryavanshi joined the Alumni Association’s board of directors in 2022, bringing with her a new perspective on alumni engagement, particularly with recent graduates.  

Mr. Yousef Omar (Class of 2025)
Representative, Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan (SMSS)
Yousef OmarMr. Yousef Saber Omar began his medical education in August of 2021 following the completion of a B.Kin in Human Kinetics. His passion for medicine is rooted in a desire to serve others and advocate for happier and healthier lives, regardless of circumstance. With a keen interest in Surgery, Mr. Omar is excited to embark on a fulfilling journey characterized by learning, caring and inter-professional collaboration.  

Mr. Omar is the current Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan (SMSS) representative on the Alumni Association board. He has long valued student supports and recognizes the importance of student wellness, especially so in the trying times we are in. As an integral link between the medical student body and the Alumni Association board, he hopes to be a strong advocate for student initiatives to better the learning experience for all. Outside of medicine, Mr. Omar’s passions include officiating soccer matches and coaching young boxers.   

Join the Board

Are you an alumnus/alumna of the College of Medicine?  Do you want to support the alumni community and make a positive impact on current medical students? 

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The Constitution provides a framework by which the College of Medicine Alumni Association agrees to provide services to its membership to strengthen the bond between alumni members and the College of Medicine.

Alumni Association Strategic Plan (2017-2022)

The Alumni Association Strategic Plan (2017-2022) outlines the alumni association's core objectives and mission encompassing three priority areas: 

  1. Empower and engage alumni
  2. Distributed alumni outreach
  3. Social accountability and community engagement

The plan covers a five-year time period, from 2017 to 2022.

Student Sponsorships

The Alumni Association sponsors a variety of student led initiatives throughout the year.  Students in the College of Medicine can request funding by completing and submitting the following form to the Alumni Relations Office.  Sponsorship requests are reviewed monthly at the Alumni Association meetings, and applicants are typically notified of funding decisions within 48 hours thereafter.

Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding outlines the deep commitment that the Alumni Association and the College of Medicine have to support each other.