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You know the importance of having educated health professionals, groundbreaking research and reliable clinical care. By supporting the College of Medicine, you are ensuring that education, research and clinical care services continue to be improved and advanced.

Your gift can be directed to the area of your choice, whether for Indigenous initiatives, student awards or bursaries, or a specific area of research.

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Alumni Association

Join the College of Medicine Alumni Association and become an active member of a network that fosters connection among alumni, students and the college. The annual membership fee is $100, or a lifetime membership is $750.

Membership fees support a variety of activities including the annual Highlights in Medicine Conference, the Spirit of the Class and Spirit of the College awards, sponsorship of student projects, purchasing white coats and grad photos, and providing administrative support to the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Email us to join.

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The alumni magazine is published once annually.

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The alumni newsletter is published once per year.

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Areas to support

Neuroscience Research
The burden of neurological conditions both in Canada and worldwide is rapidly increasing. Collaborative neuroscience research, education, training and clinical innovation is needed to combat this epidemic. Thanks to donors like you, we can educate and provide funding to our talented research teams to develop innovations and discoveries of new technologies for the treatment of neurological and mental illness. 

Student Awards
Learning the art and science of medicine is a full-time pursuit. The average medical student will graduate with $100,000 of debt. We have a limited amount of bursary support for our students, but we have to do better. By supporting student awards, you are giving students with the greatest financial need the time to study and to make career decisions based on their interests and abilities, rather than their debt level. You are helping students during a time when they need it most, and they are truly grateful.

Indigenous Health
Funding supports ongoing research initiatives in the College of Medicine aimed at improving the health of Indigenous communities, families and individuals.

Clinical Learning and Resource Centre
Simulation plays an important role in the education of health sciences students. It is vital to have the opportunity to practice and learn clinical skills in a safe, virtual environment.  Simulated real-life environments give students confidence in their ability to treat patients. With your support we can supply necessary equipment, maintain existing equipment and provide funding for future equipment needs.


Jan. 23–Feb. 27, 2020

Join College of Medicine alumni and faculty guest lecturers for this free series starting Thursday, January 23 and running for six consecutive weeks. Learn about current health and wellness research, trends and innovations that may affect you and your loved ones.

Each lecture is approximately one hour (including time for questions) with refreshments to follow. All lectures will be recorded and available for viewing on the College of Medicine website and live streamed. The webcast session is best viewed using a desktop computer or laptop, as mobile devices such as smart phones may not display all the video and screen sources.

Jan. 23 - The WE in WEllness - Integrating mindfulness, compassion and community with Dr. Anita Chakravarti
7 pm, Room 1130, E-Wing, Health Sciences Building

Jan. 30 - Turning back the aging clock with Dr. Del Haug
7 pm, Room 1130, E-Wing, Health Sciences Building

Feb. 6 - How to live to be 100 with Dr. Thomas Wilson
7 pm, Room 1130, E-Wing, Health Sciences Building

Feb. 13 - Origins of health and disease with Dr. Alan Rosenberg
7 pm, Room GB03, B-Wing, Health Sciences Building

Feb. 20 - Making sense of vaping: the good, the bad and the ugly with Dr. Erika Penz
7 pm, Room GB03, B-Wing, Health Sciences Building

Feb. 27 - Integration of yoga in healthcare: Hope and possibility for people in pain with 
Shelly Prosko, PT, CPI, C-IAYT

7 pm, Room 1130, E-Wing, Health Sciences Building

View lecturer bios, lecture descriptions and livestream links  

Highlights in Medicine Conference

The Highlights in Medicine Conference is an alumni reunion event hosted annually by the College of Medicine Alumni Association.

Highlights 2020 - June 18-20, 2020, Saskatoon

Honoured years
1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015

Registration opens in spring 2020.

Highlights lectures

Each year's Highlights in Medicine Conference features lectures to educate alumni on current and emerging topics in medicine.

Association Alumni Lecturer Clara and Frank Gertler Lecture in the College of Medicine Betty-Ann and Wade Heggie Lecturer in Integrative Medicine Dr. Anita Chakravarti Lecture in Wellness
2000 Stuart Houston -- --   --
2001 Lyonel Israels '46 (D) --  --  --
2002 Bruce McManus '77 -- --  --
2003 Anne Doig '76 -- --  --
2004 Karen Gelmon '79 --  --  --
2005 Menard Gertler '40 (D) Jonathan Gertler  --  --
2006 Brian Gushulak '81 Steven Lewis  --  --
2007 Keith McDonald '62 Sister Elizabeth Davis  --  --
2008 Ryan Uitti '88 Ward Flemons Bill Code '78  --
2009 Earle DeCoteau '64 Gordon Keller Anita Chakravarti '82  --
2010 Stan Houston '75 Bryon Young Hal Gunn  --
2011 Cheri Nijssen-Jordan '81 Richard Ehman '79 Louise Gagne '83  --
2012 Roland Dyck '72 Ilse Treurnicht Marja Verhoef  --
2013 John Conly '78 Derek Puddester Joe Schnurr '83  --
2014 Sandor Demeter '89 Norman Rosenblum Sunita Vohra  --
2015 Gill White '75 Michael Kelly '99 DeeDee Maltman '85 Alana Holt '00
2016 James Irvine '76 Jack Gauldie Amelia Villagomez Peter Butt
2017 Ian Young '92 Bruce Reeder '76 Stephen Genuis Mansfield Mela
2018 Gaylord Wardell '78 Scott Shannon Susan Shaw '95
2019 Michael Kelly '99 Melinda Richter Rob Rutledge Betty-Ann Heggie

Primary purpose:

Honours a member of one of the honoured classes invited to reunion. Speaks at conference for about 45 minutes

Who chooses speaker?

Scientific (Class Rep) Committee for conference makes a recommendation to Board of Directors

Year of first lecture:


Primary purpose:

To support the cost of lectureship activities that relate to the College of Medicine and strategic directions of the College. Topic shall related to current strategic directions of the College and be supportive of and linked to current health and medical trends.

Who chooses speaker?

The Chair of the Lectureship Committee shall be appointed by the Dean of Medicine. Committee should include community based faculty member, fulltime faculty physician, Associate Dean of Research or designate and undergraduate medical student. 

Year of first lecture:


Primary Purpose:

To support the cost of lectures, and/or other delivery methods, to provide continuing education opportunities for faculty, residents and practitioners in the field of complementary and alternative medicine.

Who chooses speaker?

The Lectureship Committee will be appointed by the Dean, College of Medicine in consultation with the Program Director within Complementary and Alternative Medicine or its successor program

Year of first lecture:


Dr. Chakravarti is a university professor and retired anesthesiologist working in health and wellness promotion. She is CEO of [M]POWER Mindful Professional Practice, offering seminars and workshops on mindful practice as a catalyst for individual, organizational and global change. Dr. Chakravarti is also a past president of the College of Medicine Alumni Association.

Primary purpose:

To support the cost of an annual lectureship that empowers healthcare and human services professionals to develp their personal health and wellbeing in the context of their workplace and community. This lectureship will be open to all of the health sciences professionals and students on campus as well as people from the public with an interest in health and wellness. 

Who chooses speaker?

Highlights committee/Med Alumni Board to present candiate to the Dean for approval

Year of first lecture:




Medical White Coats for Sale

We have extra College of Medicine embroidered medical (white) coats available for purchase. Please fill out the online order form and return the form along with cash or cheque. Men's sizes range from 34-46 and women's sizes range from 2-18. The cost is $20 (with the College of Medicine logo) or $30 (with the College of Medicine logo and Indigenous logo on the sleeve).

Proceeds from the sale of white coats support Alumni Association student initiatives.

Alumni Association

Dr. Craig Hubbard

President and Vice Chair Class Rep Recruitment

Dr. Terry Zlipko

Vice President (Acting) 

Dr. Stella Blackshaw

Professor Emerita

Dr. Bob Hickie

Professor Emeriti and Vice Chair Alumni Membership

Dr. Charles Simpson

Highlights Consultant

Dr. Wayne Clarke

Member at Large (Regina)

Dr. Del Haug

Member at Large

Dr. Adam McInnes

Member at Large

Dr. Stephen Sanche

Member at Large

Dr. Karen Shaw

Member at Large

Dr. Donna Skwarchuk

Member at Large

Daisy Ko

SMSS Representative (Senior)

Shaylin Pillay

SMSS Representative (Junior)


The Louis Horlick “Spirit of the College of Medicine Award” was established in honour of Dr. Louis Horlick, Professor Emeritus, Department of Medicine College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.

To recognize the contributions made by Dr. Horlick to the College of Medicine, the College of Medicine Alumni Association has established "The Lou Horlick Spirit of the College of Medicine Award”.

The award will be given out annually to an individual associated with the College who has contributed over and above the call of duty and shows the spirit, dedication and enthusiasm that Dr. Horlick has exemplified over his career. The first presentation of this award was made at the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the College of Medicine to Dr. J. Spooner.

Terms of Reference

  1. A selection committee comprised of the Dean of Medicine, President, Past-President and Vice-President of the College of Medicine Alumni Association will select a worthy recipient of the “Lou Horlick Spirit of the College of Medicine Award”.
  2. The award will be open to nominations from the all alumni, faculty, staff and students of the College of Medicine.
  3. All of the College of Medicine alumni, faculty, residents, students and staff are eligible for nomination.
  4. The individual must have exemplified service and dedication over and above the call of duty.
  5. The award will be made once a year at a time and place to be set by the College of Medicine Alumni Association.


The nomination deadine is April 30, 2020. Please include relevant letters of support with your nomination submission. The award will be presented during the 2020 Highlights in Medicine Reunion Banquet on June 20, 2020. Nominations can be submitted by mail or email.  

College of Medicine Alumni Association
Office 4A20
Health Sciences Building, 107 Wiggins Road
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5E5


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Fellow College of Medicine alumni are a great source of information and mentorship. You are part of a rich history and are encouraged to stay connected with alumni groups and your alma mater. Whether you are establishing your career outside the province or have selected to stay and work in Saskatchewan, we provide opportunities to meet and develop professional networks with fellow graduates.

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