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Phase D Electives

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Authority: Approval required by Phase D Committee and Curriculum Committee
Date Approved: Phase D: Dec. 4, 2014 Curriculum Committee: December 18, 2014
Date Reviewed:  


  • To clarify expectations regarding electives within the core curriculum
  • To allow students who feel that additional electives are important to their learning or career development some flexibility in scheduling additional electives, while still ensuring that students have needed holiday time to support their wellness.


This policy applies to members of the graduating classes of 2016 and 2017.


  1. All JURSIs must complete a minimum of 11 weeks of electives. 13 weeks of electives are normally scheduled.
  2. JURSIs must complete a minimum of 3 diversity electives (two weeks in length), as per national agreement among 4 year MD programs. Diversity electives are those which are direct entry programs through CaRMS.
  3. In addition to electives, all clinical clerks are entitled to 4 weeks of holidays, and an additional 2 weeks off during the holiday break in December. To ensure proper work-life balance it is strongly encouraged that all students will take full advantage of their allotted holiday time.
  4. If students feel it necessary to have additional elective time, an additional 3 weeks of electives (to a maximum of 16 weeks of electives) will be considered, which would be scheduled during students’ holiday time during the clerkship academic period. Students must be in good academic standing and meeting expectations on all rotations.
  5. Students are discouraged from taking electives during the holiday break in December due to potential supervision concerns, as many clinical learning sites have fewer staff and residents during this time. If a student proposes to undertake an elective during this time, the student must provide written documentation from their preceptor that they will receive adequate supervision.
  6. Any students wishing to complete more than a total of 16 weeks of electives will be required to purchase their own additional liability coverage. The University of Saskatchewan is not responsible for students without additional liability coverage.


A student wishing to apply for additional electives must submit a request, in writing no later than 1 month, to the College of Medicine Undergraduate Office in Regina, Saskatoon, or Prince Albert for consideration. The request must include a description of the additional electives, and a rationale for why the additional elective time is being requested. If the request is for an elective during the December holiday period, the student must submit correspondence from the proposed Elective Supervisor indicating that there will be adequate clinical supervision of the student during the elective period.

The relevant Clerkship Administrative staff member will review the additional elective request. If the following criteria are met, the additional elective request will typically be approved:

  • The student is in good academic standing;
  • The request does not exceed the maximum 16 weeks;
  • There is a clear rationale for the additional elective time.

If these criteria are not met, or if the requested additional elective time falls during the December holiday period, the Clerkship Administrative staff member will consult with the Phase/Year Chair in determining whether the additional elective time request will be approved.

The Clerkship Administrative staff member will communicate, in writing, to the student as soon as possible (and ideally within 2 weeks of submission of the request) whether the request has or has not been approved. If a request is not approved, the student will be provided with an explanation for why the request has been declined. Should the student disagree, he/ she may appeal the decision to the Phase/Year Chair or Assistant Dean Academic Program.

All students must submit all approved electives to the College of Medicine for review


This policy will be distributed to students and Rotation Directors and Coordinators within the Phase D Syllabus.