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You know the importance of having educated health professionals, groundbreaking research and reliable clinical care. By supporting the College of Medicine, you are ensuring that education, research and clinical care services continue to be improved and advanced.

Your gift can be directed to the area of your choice, whether for Aboriginal initiativ es, student awards or bursaries, or a specific area of research.

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Join the College of Medicine Alumni Association. One year membership is $75, lifetime membership is $750. Membership fees support alumni and student engagement and advancement through a variety of activities including the annual Highlights in Medicine Conference, the Spirit of the Class and Spirit of the College awards, sponsorship of student projects, purchasing white coats and grad photos, and providing administrative support to the Alumni Association Board of Directors. 

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Funding Campaigns

Training the physicians of the future.

labBy supporting the only training facility of its kind in Saskatchewan, you can help provide the latest in surgical equipment, instrumentation and simulation experience to the College of Medicine community. Your gift will also allow us to offer training courses that expertly combine academic theory and medical practice to improve patient health.

Support our next generation of physicians and surgeons.

White Coat on chair

A doctor’s white coat has served as a symbol of duty, responsibility, care and compassion for over 100 years. This ceremonial cloaking of future doctors marks the beginning of a career in medicine and welcomes students to the community of physicians through a powerful representation of compassion and honor.

To support our future physicians, the College of Medicine is launching the White Coat Crusade. Through this program, your gift of $250 will welcome a first-year student with their own white coat. Your donation will also contribute to a bursary to give these students access to much-needed financial aid during their years of study.

Funding Priorities

Anatomy and Surgical Skills Laboratory
By supporting the only training facility of its kind in Saskatchewan, you can help provide the latest in surgical equipment, instrumentation and simulation experience to the College of Medicine community. Your gift will also allow us to offer training courses that expertly combine academic theory and medical practice to improve patient health.

Neuroscience Research
The burden of neurological conditions both in Canada and worldwide is rapidly increasing. Collaborative neuroscience research, education, training and clinical innovation is needed to combat this epidemic. Thanks to donors like you, we can educate and provide funding to our talented research teams to develop innovations and discoveries of new technologies for the treatment of neurological and mental illness. 

Student Awards
Learning the art and science of medicine is a full-time pursuit. The average medical student will graduate with $100,000 of debt. We have a limited amount of bursary support for our students, but we have to do better. By supporting student awards, you are giving students with the greatest financial need the time to study and to make career decisions based on their interests and abilities, rather than their debt level. You are helping students during a time when they need it most, and they are truly grateful.

Aboriginal Health
The Aboriginal Health Research Fund provides funding to support ongoing research initiatives in the College of Medicine aimed at improving the health of Aboriginal communities, families and individuals.

Clinical Learning and Resource Centre
Simulation plays an important role in the education of health sciences students. It is vital to have the opportunity to practice and learn clinical skills in a safe, virtual environment.  Simulated real-life environments give students confidence in their ability to treat patients. With your support we can supply necessary equipment, maintain existing equipment and provide funding for future equipment needs.

Highlights in Medicine

The Highlights in Medicine Conference is an alumni reunion event hosted annually by the College of Medicine Alumni Association. Highlights 2017 honoured years were 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, and 2012.

32nd Annual Alumni Reunion Conference: "Social Accountability at Home and Abroad"
June 21-23, 2017 

See photos from the event and view presentations:

  • 10th Annual Betty Ann and Wade Heggie Lecture in Integrative Medicine - Dr. Stephen Genuis - The Clinical Practice of Environmental Medicine PDF | Video
  • 13th Annual Clara and Frank Gertler Lecture in Medicine - Dr. Bruce Reeder (MD'76) - Social Accountability in the Global Context PDF | Video
  • 3rd Annual Dr. Anita Chakravarti Lecture in Wellness - Dr. Mansfield Mela - Promoting a Healthy Work Environment: Resolving Conflict and Disruptive Behaviour  PDF | Video
  • 32nd Annual Honourary Alumni Lecture - Dr. Ian Young (MD’92) - Medical Professionals on the World Stage – Providing Care and Leadership in the Domestic and Global Community PDF
  • Dr. James Sunstrum (MD’77), Dr. Geoff Taylor (MD’77) - Rolling Out Antiretroviral Therapy of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa: Experience at the Infectious Diseases Institute, Kampala Uganda PDF
  • Dr. Werner Spangehl (MD’87) - The Complete Health Improvement Program for Chronic Disease Reversal PDF
  • Dr. Stephen Sanche (MD'90), Dr. Larry Gelmon (MD'72), Dr. Stuart Skinner (MD'02) - HIV - A Conversation with the Experts, from Saskatchewan to Africa PDF (Sanche), PDF (Gelmon), PDF (Skinner) 

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Thanks to donors, we are able to accomplish our mission. To them, we are grateful.

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Highlights Consultant

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SMSS Representative (Junior)


The Lou Horlick “Spirit of the College of Medicine Award” was established in honor of Dr. Louis Horlick, Professor Emeritus, Department of Medicine College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.

To recognize the contributions made by Dr. Horlick to the College of Medicine, the College of Medicine Alumni Association has established "The Lou Horlick Spirit of the College of Medicine Award”.

The award will be given out annually to an individual associated with the College who has contributed over and above the call of duty and shows the spirit, dedication and enthusiasm that Dr. Horlick has exemplified over his career. The first presentation of this award was made at the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the College of Medicine to Dr. J. Spooner.

Terms of Reference

  1. A selection committee comprised of the Dean of Medicine, President, Past-President and Vice-President of the College of Medicine Alumni Association will select a worthy recipient of the “Lou Horlick Spirit of the College of Medicine Award”.
  2. The award will be open to nominations from the all alumni, faculty, staff and students of the College of Medicine.
  3. All of the College of Medicine alumni, faculty, residents, students and staff are eligible for nomination.
  4. The individual must have exemplified service and dedication over and above the call of duty.
  5. The award will be made once a year at a time and place to be set by the College of Medicine Alumni Association.

The 2017 nomination deadline has now passed. Forms for the 2018 Spirit of the College Award will be available later this year.

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Fellow College of Medicine alumni are a great source of information and mentorship. You are part of a rich history and are encouraged to stay connected with alumni groups and your alma mater. Whether you are establishing your career outside the province or have selected to stay and work in Saskatchewan, we provide opportunities to meet and develop professional networks with fellow graduates.


Gail Shivak, Director of Advancement

Gail Shivak
Director of Advancement

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Jeff Aramenko
Major Gifts Officer

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Anne-Marie Cey
Alumni Relations Officer

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Steph Hart
Donor Relations and Leadership Giving Officer

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Wendy Matthews
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